I was at first keen on The Rib King since it was contrasted with the film Parasite. While the two works center around the indignities of the class system, the unpleasant emotions the system can create in those at the lower part of the system. That is the place where the similarity ends. The Rib King by Ladee Hubbard is an exciting, twisting, uncovering novel, focusing in on the individual characters, instead of more wider struggles.

I am not commonly an enthusiast of historical fiction, so I was uncertain of the amount I was going to appreciate THE RIB KING. I commonly gravitate towards fast-paced novels so this slow paced novel was a pleasant change for me. I actually enjoyed this slow paced novel, becoming acquainted with the characters, and watching the tale of The Rib King unfurl.

This tale took me on such an excursion, it is hard to recall how the entire thing began! The rib king focuses on the staff of the Barclay house. Mr. Sitwell, the maintenance man, Mamie, the cook, and Jennie, a new employee, and previous dancer. Mr. Barclay has built up a betting habit, and thus, his luck, and cash, are running out. At the point when somebody makes Barclay an offer that will save his falling empire. However will unjustifiably exploit his staff, Barclay follows the cash. The remainder of the novel follows the surprising aftermath of this choice.

I knew nothing about The Rib King before I actually began reading. I did not even understand the meaning of the title until halfway through the novel. I had no clue about where it was going, however I felt so invested in the excursion. There is a lot going on in this novel, yet the characters are so dynamic, and the world is so well created. It never turns out to be excessively complex.

I loved the novel. I loved the characters, the story was so fantastically written, It was clear and confident. This is Ladee Hubbard’s second book, and I don’t have a clue how I missed her first book. I’ll be reading that very soon.

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