People attend school with the intention of learning something out of it, and later, making a career from it. However, apart from very academic subjects, many times schools tend to not teach other important skills that help people live their professional lives. Here is a list of things school does not teach you, so you can learn these yourself.

How to Sell

Selling is something that is essential to human society as in our life we end up buying or selling something at some point in time. Knowing how to sell those things is essential. The first step is to know which is the right platform to put your product on, and then how to set a price point, etc. A required skill here is to know how to negotiate, and how to negotiate well. It helps you get the right price for your product.

How to Face Failure

Most schools often only encourage their students to ace their exams. Which is a good thing in most parts, except they do not do anything for students who do not manage to score well in their exams, or simply fail their tests. Many times students prefer to cheat over scoring less on a test. This gives children a message that it is better to cheat than accept failure.

How to Manage Time

During the day, school takes up the most time in a student’s life. After that, they are given a lot of homework and extra studies that they have to complete. It becomes difficult for young students to be able to balance that along with their extracurricular activities and playtime. School, from the very start, promotes working and studying more over taking off time and playing. This could result in stress in the future.

Things School Does Not Teach You, But You should Learn
Things School Does Not Teach You, But You should Learn

How to Invest Money

Investing and saving money is one of the important things in life to do when you start earning a sum. There is almost no mention of economic literacy in school whatsoever. Even though economics is a subject that is taught in many schools, personal finance management is not taught at all to students. Stock market and investing in a business are a part of most economics curriculam but none of them shows how to go about investing.

Principles of Success

While school encourages students to succeed, they do not teach practical values that help in reaching that success. It does not provide a practical class on what success is, and what success can mean for different people. And also that there is not a clear path to find success, it is different for different people based on their financial and educational background, etc. They also do not teach how the definition of success can vary for different people and that is completely normal.

How to Find Your Passion

There might be some choices that you may have made in school regarding subjects and activities. However, these choices are made by most while keeping in mind as to what would benefit them in the future, and not necessarily the things that the students are actually interested in. This gives off the message that students’ interests are not as important as making a better career. This promotes a singular idea of success and expresses students’ talents, and the passion they would have for certain things.

Things School Does Not Teach You, But You should Learn
Things School Does Not Teach You, But You should Learn

How to Handle Money

Money management is an important skill to have from a very young age. Even if it is only concerned with a small amount of pocket money, keeping it safe and using it carefully is essential. This, from a very young age, teaches kids how important money is, and spending it on random, unnecessary things should be discouraged in children. Eventually, they will understand where to use their money and where not to.

How to Make an Impact

Students often might get lost in the crowd of so many other students in school. They might feel less talented as compared to the others, and just feel very ordinary in a crowd. However, it is important for them to realize that every individual possesses different talents, and theirs just might be disparate from the others. Schools fail to make their students understand this better, and create an inferiority complex in them indirectly. Children need to know that despite their differences, they can create an impact on society in their own different way.

How to Start a Business

School provides you with multiple career paths to take ahead in life, but these paths are just given to students without a clear view as to how to reach there. This applies to all fields of careers, but especially entrepreneurship. Most of the other careers, requires the student to go to college, and pursue an education ahead. But when someone is sure of building a business, that person is not provided with information about where to go to start developing their business, where to get funds from, etc.

Things School Does Not Teach You, But You should Learn
Things School Does Not Teach You, But You should Learn

What is a Financial Statement

A financial statement is a record of all the financial expenses, income, and cash flow of a company or a brand. There are various types of financial statements. However, we are not taught any of that in school. Knowing what a financial statement is is not just important from a job or a career perspective but also while managing personal finance.

How Income Tax Works

Income tax has to be filed by every individual who earns any sum of money while working. This covers almost the entirety of the population, hence, it is something that should be taught to everyone. And this is a complaint that many people have raised about schools. That they do not teach students how income tax is filed, even though it is a very important part of being a citizen.

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