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9 types of intelligence

9 Types of Intelligence that You Should Know About

Types of Intelligence – In the year 1983, American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener elucidated 9 types of intelligence. The gardener found other kinds of intelligence, otherwise regarded as soft skills according to other scientists. Being a math expert gives you the capability to comprehend the world, and so does being “people smart” offers you a similar ability, however from a different perspective. Gardener’s book is still controversial. In this article, we are going to read about the 9 types of intelligence. Just know that just because you are not mathematically intelligent does not mean that you are not smart. Keep reading.

Intra-Personal (self-smart)

Intra-personal intelligence is the ability to comprehend oneself and one’s emotions and thoughts, and to utilize that awareness in planning one’s life and goals. This intelligence involves not only the admiration of the self but also of the human condition. Intra-personal intelligence is evident in philosophers, spiritual leaders, and psychologists. People with this intelligence could be shy.

9 Types of Intelligence
9 Types of Intelligence

Spatial (picture smart)

Spatial intelligence is the skill to think in three dimensions. Core capacities of this intelligence include spatial reasoning, artistic and graphic skills, mental imagery, image manipulation, and active imagination. Spatial intelligence is seen among sculptors, painters, pilots, architects, and sailors. People with this intelligence spend their leisure time daydreaming or drawing.

Logical-Mathematical (reasoning smart)

Logical-mathematical intelligence is the capability to determine, quantify, and carry out complete mathematical tasks. It enables us to recognize relationships and associations and to utilize abstract, symbolic thought; reasoning skills; and inductive and deductive view patterns. This intelligence is generally well developed by scientists, detectives, and mathematicians. Young adults with lots of logical intelligence are drawn to experiments, arithmetic problems, and games that involve strategy.

Linguistic (word smart)

Linguistic intelligence is the skill to think in words and utilise language to demonstrate and appreciate complex emotions. This intelligence allows us to comprehend the meaning of words and to apply meta-linguistic skills to us or echo language. It is the most widely shared human capability and is present in abundance among novelists, poets, journalists, and efficient public speakers. People with linguistic intelligence enjoy writing, telling stories, reading, and doing crossword puzzles.

9 Types of Intelligence
9 Types of Intelligence

Musical (sound smart)

Musical intelligence is the capability to distinguish rhythm, tone, pitch, and timbre. This intelligence makes it possible to identify, reproduce, create, and reflect on music, as expressed and exhibited by musicians, composers, vocalists, conductors, and sensitive listeners. Fascinatingly, there is a frequent effective link between music and emotions. People who have musical intelligence are aware of the sounds that others may fail to notice.

Interpersonal (people smart)

Interpersonal intelligence is the capability to comprehend and interrelate effectively with others. It involves nonverbal and verbal communication, the skill to note the difference among others, the personality of others, and the ability to understand and entertain multiple points of view. Actors, politicians, teachers, and social workers all show signs of interpersonal intelligence. People with this type of intelligence are leaders of the group, good at communicating, and seem to understand others’ motives and feelings.

Existential (life smart)

People with existential intelligence are capable of tackling profound and sensitive questions regarding human existence. Questions such as about the meaning of life, how did humans get here, the reason for death, and more.

9 Types of Intelligence
9 Types of Intelligence

Naturalist (nature smart)

Naturalist intelligence designates the human capacity to distinguish between living things (animals and plants) as well as compassion for other characteristics of the natural world such as clouds, etc. This ability continues to prevail in roles such as chef or botanist. It is also considered that much of our consumer society abuses this intelligence which can be marshalled in the differentiation among sneakers, cars, kinds of makeup, and more.

Kinesthetic (body smart)

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to manipulate objects and utilize a range of physical skills. Kinesthetic intelligence also engages logic of timing and the excellence of skills through the mind-body union. Surgeons, craftspeople, dancers, and athletes display well-developed bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

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