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things a book lover will never do to their books

Things A Book Lover Will Never Do To Their Books

things a book lover will never do to their books

Bibliophiles might look like calm and composed people who don’t want to create conflict of any sort. This might even by true by and large, but it is still a stereotype. In fact, book lovers can become seriously agitated when non-readers do certain disgusting, soul-crushing, heart-wrenching things to books. Book lovers have a great many pet peeves about books, and this article discusses them. Here are things a book lover will never do to their books.

Dog-earing books or folding pages to mark them

Readers just no not understand how people can just… fold pages! How do you actively damage a work of the finest art and disfigure it forever just because you don’t trust your memory? Book lovers use beautiful bookmarks – they may be elaborate, intricate, minute or simple, minimalistic and regular. But you will never find a true book lover dishonouring a book by dog-earing it. They will use scraps of paper if there are no book marks, or they might even take the pains of remembering the page number every time. However, they will not stoop to the level of folding pages. And usually it doesn’t come to that. Most readers have their own collection of wonderful bookmarks they buy, or make themselves.

Things A Book Lover Will Never Do To Their Books
Things A Book Lover Will Never Do To Their Books

Highlighting or underlining words, sentences or paragraphs with pen

This, according to book lovers, is another way of ruining the purity, sanctity and beauty of a book. Usually, they will make note of quotes they like or sentences they want to keep in their memory. They might even click pictures. But they will not blotch the pages of a new (or old) book by making pen, sketch pen or even worse, highlighter marks on them. If worst comes to worst and nothing is at hand, they might use a pencil. But to make a permanent mark on a clean and fresh book is akin to a sin for most bibliophiles.

Placing books arbitrarily or without order

Bibliophiles might just have a mild case of OCD. They cannot bear to look at their books in chaos – lying here and there unattended or worse, being trampled. Most book lovers arrange their books in a specific order. For example, I personally like my books arranged according to genre, so I have easy access to whatever book I want on the basis of what mood I’m in. Others prefer books to be arranged in a colour coded fashion – grouping all books of similar colours together. This adds an aesthetic feel to the book. Or they might be arranged in alphabetical order, as in libraries. Upset this order, and you’ve had it.

Lending books without being assured of their safety

A book reader might be the most selfless, compassionate and kind person in the world but he or she is sure to be possessive about his or her books. Indeed, lending books is a king of risky sport, a gamble for book lovers. This is because there are so few readers left nowadays that people who borrow books barely read. The borrowers of books might treat them without caution causing them to tear, fold or come back with broken spines. Alternatively, they might misplace the book, return it in a dusty manner or just may never return the book at all. These are risks a book lover simply cannot take.

Things A Book Lover Will Never Do To Their Books
Things A Book Lover Will Never Do To Their Books

Folding books at the spine so that the pages curve

One of the biggest pet peeves of bibliophiles is when people turn book pages a complete 180 degrees and fold the previous pages at the spine. Not only does this give the pages a curvature which means that pages stick out when placed simply but also makes the binding of a book lose, making it susceptible to tearage. These things weigh heavily on a reader’s frail heart, and bust be abstained from.

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