Eleanor Roosevelt

Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams

– Eleanor Roosevelt

After a certain point in life, we all hit the rock bottom and start to question several things. Things that often come to mind are – Am I doing the right thing? Will I be able to make a career out of it? Do I have a future with this? Am I going to get stuck with a 9 to 5 job and more? These are some of the questions and thoughts that can restrain us from doing what we want to do and following our dreams.

If you are thinking, “Oh well, everything doesn’t go as planned.” You are right. Some of us fail to choose between passion and interest. Just because you are interested in a certain thing doesn’t mean you are passionate about it. When you are not passionate about a certain thing, you will fail to make a career out of it. For example, my interest is in the fashion industry. But, do I see myself as a fashion lawyer 10 years down the line? No. I like to know the history, the background, and the inspiration of the brands. Similarly, when it comes to literature I connect more with writers who write from an autobiographical context. I get to learn more about the writer and the historical context of that era. When it comes to the field of literature, I see myself as a part of it for the rest of my life as I thrive in words.

Because you are aware of your passion, does that mean you will not face a hard time? You absolutely will. We all face tough point but the test is about who choose to keep trying. Your dreams, faith, and confidence, it is all yours. You are the person who visualizes a future for yourself. All you need to do is have faith in time and keep doing better each day till you achieve what you wanted to achieve. If you ever feel like you cannot, just remember the place where you want to be has been already discovered by a few.

Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams
Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams

In the tough times, rock bottom is as essential as finding the right passion. When you are not at your best, the only person who helps you is you. This is the time when you realize what you are capable of. When you feel like you don’t have any other way and you can’t do better than this that is when you find new ways and ideas to do better for yourself. Trust me you would be proud of yourself. Because when you plan something for yourself, you set a limit for yourself that this is something you want to achieve. When that plan doesn’t work out and you choose a different way, you are doing what you never imagined you could do.

As a human being, you would never stop dreaming and you would certainly never run out of plans. You should always be motivated to do better with what you have in your hands. Make each day count. Wake up each day with the motivation to move, work, eat healthily and feel productive till you hit the sack. When you have a dream you need to start living life the way you would when you finally have it. So, modify your lifestyle and be your inspiration. Learn things every day and create the bridge that will help you to achieve that dream you have in mind.

Giving up is a lot like hating people. Life is not always black and white. It is easy to hate people when you don’t know them. People judge because it is hard to understand. If you put in the effort to know someone you will never able to hate them. Similarly, it is easy to give up but sticking to the plan no matter how slow the progress is and how impossible it seems, is tough. But then again, when you do it you will be left with no regrets. When you do something you believe in without giving up, you achieve a lot more than just the dream. You achieve a sense of perseverance, self-awareness, clarity, ability to think wisely and critically because following a dream requires a lot of patience and faith in the self.

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