The Wedding Game by Meghan Quinn presents us with the ideal mix of romance and comedy. That to without detracting from the real raw roller-coaster of feelings. Story that Alec and Luna experience all through their journey. Although this story is told from the points of view of Luna and Alec as they meet and fall in love throughout the story. What this is truly about is love, love between friends, siblings, parents, and significant others. All form and depth of love is shown to us.

Luna is such countless things… She is talented, she is hard-working and smart. However, the best thing about Luna is exactly how sweet she is. Her loyalty and the way she supports her brother is really my favourite thing. At a certain point I was wishing I had a sister like her.

Our cranky broken hero “Alec” stole my heart. At the beginning I felt blended about the entire circumstance since I felt for both him and his sibling, Thaddeus and I could see the two perspectives. However, as the story advanced I went directly to the Alec train. I feel like he got more thrown at him than he merited, and he continued taking it since he felt guilty when actually he was a victim of his past as well. I liked his moody side, I adored how sweet he was with Luna.

Furthermore, I do like some side characters they were engaging and draw me in. First the Lunas best friend Farrah. That girl had me in tears laughing so hard. She is a hell of a character and I loved her for it. Second comes the Thaddeus the most dramatic flamboyant side character ever. He is larger than life and as sweet as anyone might think, and I simply liked his love for his sibling. I love them all, every one of the side characters fit impeccably in Luna and Alec’s story.

The Wedding Game is a slow burn as Luna and Alec get to know each other on a more deep level and with each interaction side look that sizzle starts to shoot out sparks. Luna’s character and the light she has surrounding her starts to seep into Alec’s heart, and he starts rethinking all that he thought he knew.

There was nothing I disliked about The Wedding Game by Meghan Quinn. I cried and laughed all through the book. It’s simply a balanced morish book with the absolute best ending of an eventful story.

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