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The Survivors

The Survivors : By – Jane Harper

A chilling story with socio-political nuances

By – Jane Harper

The Survivors : By – Jane Harper starts with Thirty year old Kieran Elliott and Mia (Kieran Girlfriend). They have gotten back to their seaside old hometown, Evelyn Bay, to help Kieran’s mother pack so his dad can be moved to a long term dementia residence. Twelve years prior, Evelyn Bay was the site of an unexpected pulverizing storm that took lives, decimated property, and caused untold mental harm to many inhabitants. Presently, behind Keiran and Mia’s re-visitation of the town, a young lady’s body is found on the sea shore. Twelve years back, a little youngster disappeared from this sea shore and was never found. At about a similar time, eighteen year old Kieran nearly lost his life on account of an impulsive choice, several unwise decisions, choices that prompted the death of two men.

The residents, his parents, and Kieran, will always remember the part he played during that awful storm so many years ago. Visiting his old neighborhood is a sort of torment for Kieran yet one he thinks he deserves. Nobody blame Kieran more than he belame himself for the savage events of that day. Presently, after twelve years, with the dead lady found on the sea shore, huge numbers of similar individuals of some time in the past become suspects and/or accusers, as the town bits of gossip spin out of control, in person and on Evelyn Bay’s social media. people will talk, behind, that they could never say on face.

This is a slow story, with well created atmosphere, a tranquil feeling of fear (a portion of my fear came from Kieran’s three month child being towed along everywhere, in her little infant pouch, horrifying me and taking my mind off the story, at times…it wasn’t the infant that terrified me, it was the way Kieran carry the infant around like she was a gym bag). I haven’t invested a lot of energy at the coast yet Jane Harper allowed me to truly feel the area, the sea, the waves, the caverns, the sea shore, the mood of the only bar, the temperament of the individuals, she made me to feel like I was in the story. 

Jane Harper, after only two of her books, The Lost Man and The Survivors, positions up there with my favorite writers. I’m looking forward to book that Jane Harper composes and trust it’s not very far into future.

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