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A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (Blood and Ash Book 2)

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (Blood and Ash Book 2) : By – Jennifer L. Armentrout

By – Jennifer L. Armentrout

In this novel (A kingdom of flesh and fire) everything was simply so awesome, the worldbuilding kept on developing and I wish I could visit Atlantia. I adored the world that Jennifer L Armentrout has made – the history, the politics and the folklore. It was absolutely vivid and I really felt like I was there with Poppy. I used to adoring the characters Jennifer L. Armentrout makes in a world that could be our own and now I am likewise love the epic, which she had made for us in these two fantastic books.

I need to discuss the characters and the connections, yet I have an inclination that I am entering spoiler region for the first book – so on the off chance that you haven’t read the first book, at that point I would suggest it – and you can look at my review of From Blood and Ash which I have linked above.

Initially, Poppy is simply extraordinary, we see her developing in the first book, she understands that the vast majority of the things she has been told are not fulyl correct and misleading, and she manages everything so well, regardless of whether that implies getting stabby with someone in particular. She develops and we will observer her interior battle as needs to picked who and what to accept. I love that she is defenceless and daring at the same time, she is fit for dealing with herself in a physical sense (she is so boss I love her) yet additionally that from numerous points of view she is so innocent. She had no idea about connections or even fellowships since she had no casing of reference. Everything makes for compelling reading!

I additionally need to state that with her relationship the power dynamic is perfect. I am a big fan of enemies turn lovers, and I really like the relationship Poppy has in these books. The way that she has the nickname Princess make my day. I love that she threatens to stab, well pretty much any individual who irritates her, and finishes it as well. I love that she is also good as person, and needs to help everybody, even the individuals who don’t need her assistance, even the individuals who hate her.

I would prefer not to ruin anything of this book so I am simply going to state, I cherished it – my number one read of the 80odd books I have read for the current year, I adored it considerably more than From Blood and Ash despite the fact that before I began it I was unable to see how that would be possible. Furthermore, that everything was awesome, pacing, plot, worldbuilding and characters.

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