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The Poet By Lisa Renee Jones

The Poet: By Lisa Renee Jones Is Perfect Suspense Thriller And I Enjoyed It

The Poet by Lisa Renee Jones is the first novel in a new romantic thriller series. She is new to my author list as I have never read any of her novels. However, I have seen her name many times. I am a huge fan of romantic thrillers, and The Poet sounded good to me, so I jumped right in.

The Poet by Lisa Renee Jones
The Poet by Lisa Renee Jones

Detective Samantha Jazz is assigned to a crime investigation after the first investigator up and transferred. (There is a whole other thing attached to it than simply that.) She soon understands she is on the path of a serial killer who leaves poetry at the crime location (Thus the novel is named “The Poet”).

Crime Investigator Jazz has a partner, named Langford or Lang. The two have worked together for quite some time and had a to and fro talk that helped me to remember an old married couple. The way he makes fun of Jazz, makes it obvious that Lang cares very much about her. He resembles a defensive big brother, continually paying special attention to her and attempting to remain one step in front of any individual who dare cross her. I liked the nice idea of that companionship, although I honestly trusted the two would wind up as something more later in the novel.

Then there is Jazz’s ex Wade. He is there to help when required, as he also is associated with law enforcement. I liked a solid willed heroine, and Jazz fits that bill, but on the other hand it is ideal to see her have support around her.

I am a huge fan of thriller novels, particularly when they include serial killers or murder mysteries. Lisa Renee Jones has unquestionably carried an interesting plot to this novel. When I got about 30 percent of the novel I was convinced that I knew who The Poet was. Obviously my thoughts were not right and when I arrived at the end, I was even more shocked. I was shocked because things did not go how I anticipated that they should. I like stories that keep me as eager and anxious as can be, and The Poet did precisely that. There is such a lot of suspense in the novel, much of which is made by the various exciting twists in the story.

I know The Poet by Lisa Renee was supposed to be more of a romantic suspense novel, but it did not feel that way to me. I discovered it to be a perfect suspense thriller and I enjoyed it. Maybe there will be more focus on the romance in future stories?

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