The Gold Digger by Liz Tolsma is the most recent delivery in the True Colors series. These stories are based on real crimes in American history. I enjoyed The Gold Digger, it is a very well written novel of murders committed in mid 1900’s America. The killer and most victims are genuine people. Now and again it appears to be clear who the killer was yet there is barely enough uncertainty with respect to someone else. The characters are very much characterized through sensible dialogs and activities, and the author’s investigation into the real crime and history of the time show the accuracy of the novel.

Belle has a pig farm that she acquired from her second husband. Twice widowed, she has taken in destitute kids and raised them as her own. Her sister Ingrid is to some degree a newcomer to America, having come from their local Norway five years earlier. Belle bought a building in LaPorte, Indiana, and gifted the storefront and upstairs apartment to Ingrid to open a sweets store. Ingrid is very shy and doesn’t communicate in English well, yet she can’t turn away the gift from her sister. Ingrid’s fantasy is to be a photographer, and this building has a basement she can use as a darkroom.

Belle has advertised for men with an objective of marriage in different Norwegian papers in the Midwest. A few men have come to meet her and see the farm, however every one left soon after appearance. A previous farmhand, Ray, actually hangs out by the farm as he needs to be her next spouse as she had once promised. Despite the fact that she fired him, he is still obsessed with her.

There are not many motorcars in LaPorte; the unfamiliar one recently seen in town and a youthful Norwegian man came to get directions from her. Nils, who owns a motorcar vendor in Detroit, is searching for his sibling Sven, who had gone to Belle’s and has not been heard from since. Their sickly mother is extremely worried, as it isn’t like Sven to be distant so long. Ingrid recalls Sven and his auto, as Sven was an exceptionally decent man who left as the others had. She disclosed to Nils how to discover the farm.

Throughout the following few weeks, Nils, with Ingrid’s assistance, exhausts leads looking for Sven. Jennie, the teenager whom Belle adopted quite a long while back, is gone. Belle professes to have sent her to a school in California yet won’t share her location. Somebody put a fire to the sweet shop with Ingrid sleeping higher up.

All through The Gold Digger the writer’s ability for composing Christian suspense and historical books is obvious. The suspense is written with greatness as one attempts to find what truly happened to the missing men and other strange events. The characters, confidence, and suspense make this a really commendable expansion to Barbour’s multi-author True Colors series. I highly recommend The Gold Digger to any individual who likes reading true crime novels and is a fan of the author or series.

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