By – R.F. Kuang

The Burning God is a perfect ending to The Poppy War series which is a kind of series that happens once in a blue moon. This is a military epic fantasy that is ownvoices and motivated from the writer’s family ancestry and the tales she gained from them.

Rin and Kitay have had everything in their life flipped around again in the beginning of this book, however they both are desperate to recover the nation that has been taken from them more than once. They’ve also been playing on the triumphant side for such a long time, they soon discover that strategies and technique feel vastly different when you are now the underdogs. Rin has only known demolition for such a long time, but now she gets to know what it seems like to be a deliverer rather than just an apparatus as a result of her god.

We truly will see various sides of shamanism in this book, and I adored that perspective with my entire heart. I sense that I truly can’t state more here, yet the trifecta and the additions were astonishing. I will state my only complaint for this book comes from the trifecta, however I actually couldn’t get enough of the entirety of the various sorts of shamanism in this book! Particularly with a couple of new characters who effortlessly caused me to feel emotional while this story advanced!

Talking about various kinds of gods, I will say with the most extreme certainty that The Burning God has the best battle scenes I have ever perused. Like, ever, in my entire life.

This book revolves around trauma and its wide range of cycles and structures. We will see various sorts of injury from physical, sexual, and psychological mistreatment, but we additionally get to observe the Trauma from xenophobia continually and the effect of racism and colonization. We likewise will see the way that various characters inside the book trys to heal, live, and adapt to their various trauma. Furthermore, despite the fact that it is exceptionally awful, it’s genuine, and fair, and significant. I feel like The Burning God particularly emphasizes how abuse and trauma can be effortlessly covered by love, obligation, and possibly vengeance, as well.

In general, this series means so much to Asian readers and analysts. It was such an honour to peruse these books. R.F. Kuang really finished this series perfectly, I’m simply not prepared to say farewell, but I am so eternally honoured for this series existence, and I truly will sing it’s praises forever.

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