The Book of cold cases by Simone St. James is a Paranormal Thriller. Usually I am not a true crime reader like some of my close friends, however this time I was pulled into the story from the start. This story shifts back and forth between 2017 and the 1970s as Shea interviews Beth. She was a suspected as a “Lady killer”. What appeared as one case to solve unfurls into a couple of secrets that need discloser.

The Book of Cold Cases By Simone St. James is a Paranormal Thriller
The Book of Cold Cases By Simone St. James is a Paranormal Thriller

Working as a receptionist in the day, and true crime blogger by night, Shea Collins is determined to find reality behind the Lady Killer, a cold case that occurred in her seaside hometown of Claire Lake, Oregon in 1977.

Beautiful, well off, 23-year-old Beth Greer is accused of the killings and since her acquittal she has carried on with her life as a recluse in the mansion where she grew up. After forty years she’s still recognized as the infamous ‘Lady killer’.

Shea suffered an attempted abduction as a kid and it has dual effect on her. It has haunted her and powered her passion for true crime. This is the reason why she write blog,  ‘The Book of Cold Cases’ and why she boldly went to Beth with a request of an interview. Beth finally agrees, with the limitation that meetings should be conducted in her home.

During the meeting, Shea sees and hears bizarre, unbelievable things happening in Beth’s home. Things that can’t be told or expressed and continue occurring during numerous interactions with Beth.

The Book of cold cases by Simone St. James has so many twists and turns. Just when I thought I had an idea about the thing was occurring, something new would occur or new information would be shared. I sorted out a little piece of the story yet was amazed when it went significantly deeper than I might have envisioned. There is a paranormal story with a ghost haunting the mansion and this is the place where it truly gets fascinating as we gradually learn the details behind the family, the homicides/deaths, and much more. Despite the fact that we find out the “who” around 1/2 of the way in, we actually don’t have the foggiest idea about the why until much later as the details are gradually shared with us.

The ending felt a little unsurprising however it was good. I was locked in from start to finish by this writer’s writing style and I will look at other books from her archive. I strongly recommend this book.

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