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Rule Of Wolves By Leigh Bardugo

Rule Of Wolves: By Leigh Bardugo Is An Immediate Continuation Of “Ruler Of Scars”

“Rule of Wolves” By Leigh Bardugo is an immediate continuation of “Ruler of Scars,”. It suffers a portion of similar issues as the first book. However, it was as yet fabulous to have the opportunity to return to some of my favourite characters. Seeing story and character arc tied up is always fulfilling.

Rule Of Wolves By Leigh Bardugo (Ruler Of Scars Duology)
Rule Of Wolves By Leigh Bardugo (Ruler Of Scars Duology)

War lingers over Ravka, as the ruthless nation of Frejda threatens to attack and pressures among Ravka and its potential ally nations are stressed to the limit. Nikolai should figure out how to save his country. Save from both Frejda’s armed forces and from the hazard of the resurrected Darkling. All of that while battling the demon inside him. Zoya, his most trusted lieutenant, should likewise deal with her recently awakened powers. Meanwhile in Frejda itself Nina proceeds with her spy work while attempting to control the imperial family. Manipulating a peaceful resolution to the war. As new dangers emerge and alliances are both made and broken, it falls on these three unlikely warriors – and some sudden unexpected allies – to save Ravka. If that is even possible now.

There is so much going on in “Rule of Wolves”, even more than “Ruler of Scars,”. The book shuffles at least five POV characters, six if you count a concise interlude including the queen of Shu Han in the start. There are multiple plot treads, “side missions,” and both major and minor characters competing for attention. It can get overwhelming now and again, and a few characters feel like they’re only there to serve as appearances for eager fans (like Kaz, Alina and Inej). I will say, that I was so impressed that Leigh Bardugo had tie everything up so well in spite of there being so many sub-plots.

Overall leigh tackled some pretty heavy topics and the ending tied everything together very well. Despite small complaints “Rule of Wolves” was a thrilling read. This book leaves the door open for a possible sequel.

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