Razorblade tears by S.A. Cosby is a multi-layered crime fiction novel with very well created characters. This novel addresses numerous truths of life mostly people tend to avoid talking. Cosby has a beautiful way of writing. There are some graphic scenes, however I can’t envision the book happening without them. It might have been ideal to have had more interactions with the sons before their demises, however it would not have filled any real purpose.

Razorblade Tears By S.A. Cosby Is A Multi-Layered Crime Fiction Novel
Razorblade Tears By S.A. Cosby Is A Multi-Layered Crime Fiction Novel

In Virginia, Ike is a black man and previous convict that has been out of prison long enough to own a fruitful organization. At the same time, Buddy Lee, a white man and also previous convict has been carrying on with a less astonishing life. He spends his days getting drunk. Neither Ike nor Buddy Lee are happy with their children’s decision to marry one another. After all, as a man being gay isn’t right.

At the point when Ike and Buddy Lee’s sons are killed on the street after getting in some trouble. The dads set off on an expedition of vengeance. Who might have killed their children, and why? All they know is they need to make them pay. Mix in a wife, a daughter belonging to the dead boys and local ignorance. It turns into a painful excursion where the only way out is by going through.

Cosby has a method of keeping the reader engaged and interested the whole book. My first choice are always short chapters and action that did not waste time, so this book was absolutely a good fit for me. I genuinely felt like I was there with Ike and Buddy Lee on the very excursion that they were on. I wanted to assist them with revenge for their boys. Both dads had clear portrayals and character arcs. Each time they drew nearer to justice, I was there pulling for them. I totally associated with their self-realization journeys about the LGBTQ, race and the connections they had or didn’t have with their children.

Overall! Razorblade tears by S.A. Cosby is entertaining. It’s bold, big, bottomless of heart, and in particular, it’s a blast. It is a book that says that stoicism isn’t good enough, that feeling communicated through violence isn’t good enough.

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