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Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns

Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns

In the ever-expanding Marvel Universe, characters come equipped with a dizzying array of abilities, from superhuman strength to reality manipulation. However, some heroes and villains rely on something a bit more tangible: guns. Firearms, in their many forms, have been wielded by numerous characters across the Marvel pantheon, delivering a unique blend of excitement and danger in the hands of our beloved characters. Welcome to the high-stakes world of Marvel gun-slingers! In this article, we’ll be ranking 10 Marvel characters who use gun and have made their mark not only with their unique personalities and stories but also with their proficiency in gunplay.

The Punisher

The Punisher
The Punisher

Frank Castle aka The Punisher, is an iconic gun-toting character, synonymous with his brutal justice. His journey from a war veteran to a relentless vigilante began when his family was caught in a mob war crossfire. A failed justice system led him to adopt his own extreme methods, putting him at odds with traditional superheroes. Despite this, his effectiveness in dealing with criminals is undeniable. Frank’s association with guns, evident from his first comic appearance, sets the standard for all gun-wielding comic book characters. His uncompromising stance in punishing evil makes him a standout example among superheroes who use firearms.


Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns - Deadpool
Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns – Deadpool

He is definitely one of Marvel’s deadliest yet most hilarious anti-heroes. Deadpool has won fans’ hearts with his sharp wit and deadly skills. His distinctive features include a wicked sense of humor, remarkable healing powers, self-awareness as a comic book character, and an audacious use of firearms. These traits create a unique blend that makes Deadpool one of the most beloved gun-toting characters in the Marvel universe.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury
Nick Fury

Fury, the one-eyed Marvel spy is exceptionally accurate with firearms, even when squinting through gun scopes. He doesn’t limit himself to conventional weapons; Fury also employs sci-fi guns for added versatility. As revealed in Marvel Comics’ Original Sin, Fury operated covertly as the “Man on the Wall,” defending Earth from extraterrestrial threats. His marksmanship and knack for unconventional weaponry make him a formidable protector of our planet.


Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns - Cable
Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns – Cable

The time-traveling mutant from Marvel, is renowned for his colossal weaponry. As the child of Scott Summers and Madelyne Prior, he is the reluctant companion of Deadpool and the father of mutant leader Hope Summers. Cable emerged during the 90s comic book boom, characterized by an abundance of pockets, pouches, guns, and muscles. This design choice was practical considering his enormous firearms necessitated spacious storage for ammunition. With his distinctive arsenal, Cable stands out as a symbol of the era, embodying the fusion of futuristic elements and exaggerated aesthetics that defined that period in comic book history.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon

This egotistical genetically modified raccoon, has an unwavering passion for both firearms and himself. Debuting in Marvel Preview #7 as Rocky in 1976, he resurfaced as Rocket Raccoon in The Incredible Hulk #271 in 1982. Alongside his fondness for an arsenal of formidable weaponry, Rocket’s exceptional dexterity and knack for fashioning explosives from meager remnants have bestowed upon him the prestigious moniker of “Demolitions Expert.”


Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns - Star-Lord
Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns – Star-Lord

Peter Jason Quill aka Star-Lord, is a superhero from Marvel Comics. He became the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy and has played significant roles in various storylines. Star-Lord is a master strategist and problem solver, skilled in combat and knowledgeable about alien customs and cosmic concepts. Wearing a suit that grants strength and space travel abilities, he wields the Element Gun capable of projecting elements. His sentient space vessel, Ship, can shape-shift and possesses numerous features. Star-Lord received cybernetic implants and later obtained a battle-suit, helmet, and Kree submachine guns. The mastermind is a master of hi-tech gadgets and guns.

War Machine

War Machine
War Machine

James Rhodes, a trusted ally of Tony Stark, possesses a unique variation of the Iron Man suit. Unlike Stark’s design, Rhodes’ suit is extensively modified, equipped with diverse weaponry and ammunition. Rhodes himself lacks inherent superpowers and relies solely on the enhanced suit for combat capabilities. Despite the formidable firepower at his disposal, known as War Machine, Rhodes consistently refrains from employing lethal force. His dedication to preserving life is evident as he utilizes his suit’s impressive arsenal without ever resorting to taking lives.


Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns - Bullseye
Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns – Bullseye

This Marvel character, has acquired various monikers throughout his existence, such as Hawkeye, Ronin, and even Daredevil. Nonetheless, avid fans may recognize him by the alias Poindexter. Uniquely, Bullseye possesses a distinct approach to weaponry. He harbors no particular preference, as anything he holds becomes a lethal instrument. Within the comic realm, he exhibits a callous disregard for life, utilizing guns to fulfill his objectives. With his remarkable precision as his primary asset, one can only envision the sheer devastation this Marvel persona can unleash when armed with firearms.

Silver Sable

Silver Sable
Silver Sable

Sable was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #265, possesses a formidable combination of intellect and marksmanship. While lacking superpowers, she compensates with her exceptional skills. Leading the Wild Pack, a mercenary group dedicated to capturing Nazi criminals, she relies on her strategic mind and physical prowess. Clad in a Kevlar-reinforced suit, she also serves as the CEO of Silver Sable International. Always armed with a 9mm pistol, she fearlessly wields it when necessary, yet her effectiveness extends far beyond firearms. Renowned for her mastery of hand-to-hand combat, Silver Sable has even faced off against the likes of Spider-Man and even emerged victorious.


Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns - Crossbones
Ranking 10 Marvel Characters Who Use Guns – Crossbones

The Marvel supervillain stands out as an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant. With a background in military training and diverse martial arts techniques, he possesses remarkable skills. Unlike many Marvel characters, Crossbones isn’t limited to a single weapon, wielding a wide array of arms. From guns to crossbows to explosives, he utilizes each to his advantage. However, it is with guns that Crossbones truly excels, displaying unrivaled precision and brutal efficiency. Over time, he has consistently demonstrated his prowess, solidifying his reputation as one of the greatest comic characters skilled in the art of firearms.

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