Struggling to meet your reading goals? Look no further, we have the perfect list of tangible and doable tips to help you meet them. Here are 10 practical tips to read more.

Mix up physical books with audiobooks and e-books

Reading just physical books can get daunting at times. Audiobooks allow you to breeze through books because you don’t spend time actually reading every word. SO mixing up physical books and audiobooks can help you read more, even though audiobooks don’t give the same experience as actual books.

Have your TBR right in front of you

Physically looking at the books you’ve been waiting to read can motivate you too read faster and more in depth. You may end up finishing a book in lesser time if you look at the next book you’re dying to dive into. But this must be approached with caution – you shouldn’t be speeding up and breezing through your book just to get to the next one.

10 Practical Tips To Read More
10 Practical Tips To Read MoreTips To Meet Your Reading Goals

Set aside an hour of your day just to read

Often having a daily routine can help you read more because you have one (or more) hour of the day to devote specifically to reading. Without having such a schedule, reading can go down on your priority to do list and become something you just push to the next day. Setting aside a dedicated time for books pushes you to actually do it in the designated time.

Read when fresh in the morning

The speed, absorption as well as retention of literary material is best when the mind is fresh. So shifting your reading time to the morning instead of evening or night can work wonders. It will allow you to take in and appreciate a book more while also allowing you to read more material.

Carry books with you while travelling

Most of us are too busy to find a lot of free time together on a daily basis, instead we get pockets of free time throughout the day. Carrying your book around wherever you go and training yourself to pick it up every time you get a little bit of free time to relax can help. Reading will also give you a soothing and calming break.

10 Practical Tips To Read More
10 Practical Tips To Read More Tips To Meet Your Reading Goals

Use a reading journal to track your progress

Reading motivation instantly increases once you begin to track your progress. So using Goodreads or keeping a reading journal where you can record your reading journey can help. This will motivate you to read more in order to journal it down, talk about it to someone or just reflect on what it has to say.

Up you reading motivation through BookTube, BookTok and BookTwitter

BookTube channels, BookTok videos and BookTwitter recommendations always come handy when you’re feeling particularly demotivated. If reading more is a reading goal for you, watching YouTubers who read ten or more books per month will definitely make you want to read more as well.

Read about books more

Reading doesn’t include just reading books, it also includes reading about books and exposing yourself to the opinions others have about them. It is this process of critically engaging with the work that will broaden your horizons and also make you truly interested in reading.

10 Practical Tips To Read More
10 Practical Tips To Read MoreTips To Meet Your Reading Goals

Explore more genres

Readers tend to slow down when they read too much of a single genre. Switching from fiction to nonfiction can counterintuitively speed up your reading process and thus allow you to read more. Diversifying your TBR can actually help you stay immersed in the world of books and help you read more.

Join a bookclub

The best way to read more is to join community of booklovers can help. Buddy reading, where two or more people read the same book in the same time period and update each other on their progress can help. Or joining a book club, where a group of people decide on a book, read it and discuss it in detail is also a good idea.

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