Books are not the only thing you can pay to have fun with if you’re a booklover! There are so many other ways to spend your money on books rather than just going to a bookstore and buying more! Here is a list of the best-paid subscriptions you need to have if you are a book or comics lover, in order to make the most of your reading experience.


There is probably no book lover in the world who hasn’t heard of Audible. They offer the best and choicest audiobook collection for a monthly payment. This has many benefits for readers – you can get at your fingertips books you can listen to whenever you want. Plus, it benefits the employees of Audible, the voice artists who dub the books as well as the authors. It’s a win-win for everyone in the literary industry.

Amazon Prime

Along with the web series and Amazon original movies on Amazon Prime comes a unique and wonderful, much-neglected opportunity. This is Prime Reading, which allows readers to peruse their wonderful e-book and comic collection at no extra cost. They not only have a wide variety of genres to select from, ranging from romance and thriller to more literary fiction, but they also allow you to use this on any device with Kindle on it.

Paid Subscriptions You Need to Have if You Are a Book or Comics Lover (Amazon Prime)
Paid Subscriptions You Need to Have if You Are a Book or Comics Lover (Amazon Prime)

Marvel Unlimited

This is the online service of Marvel Comics, which is available on any smartphone. The service allows readers of comic books to read any and all marvel comics from all previous issues they have. With almost thirty thousand comics in their archives, this is truly a paradise for comic lovers who don’t want to keep a physical collection.


Everyone knows that Spotify is one of the best apps for listening to music, but the truth is that it has plenty of other resources as well. From literary podcasts about books to exclusive interviews with authors, Spotify has it all. Apart from this, they also have an incredible collection of audiobooks. By paying for the service, you can get rid of the ads that hinder listening, and make Spotify audio reading one of the best reading experiences.

Kindle Unlimited

Collecting together the best of e-fiction across the world is the world’s biggest e-book subscription service, Kindle Unlimited. It offers unlimited reading on Amazon devices as well as Kindle apps. The best part about this is that you can give a chance to indie and self-published authors through this paid service. Thus, this helps you discover lesser-known fiction that is just as brilliant as its more famous counterpart.

Paid Subscriptions You Need to Have if You Are a Book or Comics Lover (Kindle Unlimited)
Paid Subscriptions You Need to Have if You Are a Book or Comics Lover (Kindle Unlimited)


This is an online platform for readers and writers to explore the literary world. From the weirdest fanfiction to the most regal poetry, Wattpad has it all. And now with paid services, they are able to commission authors, making it a commercially viable medium for the exchange of art too. For writers who love pulp fiction and romance with amazing tropes, this is the ideal place. The best thing about Wattpad is that books of all niches are available.

Kaffienated Konversations

Book subscription services are a great way to get the books you want in bulk at good prices at your doorstep every month. This ensures a continuous supply of books you want as well as the convenience of being in your home. One of the best book subscriptions to avail of is Kaffienated Konversations. They will send you books from South African, Middle Eastern and South-East Asian authors, as well as great global authors who are hidden gems.

The Reader Store

Usually, with book subscription services, people select the books they want to read. But not with The Reader Store. This subscription service gives you a mystery box every month, for you to enjoy. However, they do take into account your tastes and preferences before sending you a box, on the basis of a survey. So it’s not like you’re likely to get something you absolutely hate. It’s almost like a friend setting you up on a blind date with someone!

Paid Subscriptions You Need to Have if You Are a Book or Comics Lover (Book of the Month)
Paid Subscriptions You Need to Have if You Are a Book or Comics Lover (Book of the Month)

Book of the Month

If you want to keep yourself updated on the recent books in the literary world without having to physically keep track of them, this is the subscription service for you. Book of the Month offers various sizes of book boxes, which include books that are making the most hype in that particular month. It thus offers the best and most anticipated new releases every month, curating them especially for you.

The Original One

Book lovers need not just a lot of books but also materials related to books – and stationery comes under that. Whether it’s highlighters and post-it notes for annotation, book journals and diaries to keep track of reading goals or just a nice pen to note down quotes from the book, stationery always comes in handy for readers. This is thus an amazing stationery subscription service with various plans and sizes to choose from.

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