The job application process, right from building a resume to the final interviews, can be a tough process to go through. With the help of technology, a lot of hiring processes are made automated. While there are many techniques through which the automated part of the application process can be cleared out, interviews are still very much done by individuals and this is the part that makes a lot of people nervous. To overcome that, mock interviews should be conducted. Here are the top 5 websites for mock job interviews that will help you out in your application process.

Top 5 Websites for Mock Job Interviews


Top 5 Websites for Mock Job Interviews (Interviewing)
Top 5 Websites for Mock Job Interviews (Interviewing) is a mock interviewing company mainly dedicated to people in the technological fields. Their main area of expertise is CS fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, and systems design. This website has mentors and interviewers from top tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, etc. It currently offers paid practice sessions for interviews, but they promise to take away the fees soon. The platform is anonymous where the interviewers will not know about your identity and the interview will be conducted over voice chat only.

Aline Lerner co-founded the website. Lerner got the idea for the website when she realized that employers preferred a resume that is free of grammatical errors and typing errors instead of one that is filled with the experience of the person applying. The thought seemed ridiculous to her, and many others. Hence, in order to prove it, she sent a bunch of anonymous resumes to send to some of the top employers. The result she received was that there was no set pattern through which employers pick out resumes, which gave her the idea for this website.


Top 5 Websites for Mock Job Interviews (InterviewBit) is also a mock interview website for technology and its aligning job profiles. Apart from mock interviews, the website offers many job-related courses and learning programs. One such thing offered is a coding practice session where different coding projects are given to the users to practice. There are also multiple paid and free modules and videos that give tips and tricks that can be used to ace an interview. The people who have used this website have cleared interviews for giant companies like Walmart, Uber, Amazon, etc.

The company was co-founded by Abhimanyu Saxena and Anshuman Singh. Saxena is a coder, and manages the technical area of the company, while Singh looks at the coaching section of it. Both of them came together to make InterviewBit with the same goal of helping out their fellow engineers ace their interviews. Anshuman Singh has also worked as an interviewer for Facebook, which gives him a rough idea of how that sphere works.


Top 5 Websites for Mock Job Interviews (Preplaced)
Top 5 Websites for Mock Job Interviews (Preplaced) is a mock interview website for people wanting to apply for jobs in any different fields. It is not just restricted to technological jobs. They provide mock interviews for people applying for various positions in management, sales, and marketing, human resources, etc. The interviewers for the website come from various companies such as Ford, Airbnb, Target, etc. The website is an India-based platform, hence the cost and the fees of the mock interviews are also affordable.

The website was founded by Rohan Jaiswal, a software engineer who has previously worked with Target. He is the founder, as well as the Chief Technical Officer of The company offers mock interview sessions that go on for an hour. They also let you pick the mentor you want, their years of experience, and the company they come from. The website has also started providing 1 on 1 mentoring sessions for people who want to prepare for their interviews.


Top 5 Websites for Mock Job Interviews (Pramp)

Pramp, unlike the other mock interview websites, does not have a mentor-mentee, or an interviewer interviewee system. Their main objective is to unite software engineers of various fields and get them to help each other out in the interview and job application process. What the website does is match peers together, based on their common availability, skills, job goal, areas where they need help, etc., and gives them the opportunity to have 1 on 1 sessions with each other. By the peer-to-peer approach, candidates get to be both, the interviewer as well as the interviewee. This helps people understand their job roles better. And also build connections with people from across the world.

Pramp is a subsidiary of Exponent, which is a general interview coaching website trusted by many business schools. There are live interviews and chats that can be conducted throughout. The website is absolutely free to access by anyone.


Top 5 Websites for Mock Job Interviews (InterviewBuddy)
Top 5 Websites for Mock Job Interviews (InterviewBuddy) is also an India-based mock interview website that provides live mock interviews with various industry experts. The website only requires you to set up a profile consisting of details of your professional life, and anything else that would be required in getting you a job or required on a resume. The next process is to pick out a course or a package that you like and can afford, complete the payment, and there you have your very own interview kit.

Apart from mock interviews, the website also offers a few free and a few paid courses on the job application process. All their mentors and interviewers have over two years of experience in their given field.

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