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Who can be an Audiobook Narrator and Basic Skills Required

Who can be an Audiobook Narrator and Basic Skills Required

Are you one of those people who wants to be an audiobook narrator, but don’t know how to begin? Don’t worry, in this article, we are going to solve your issue by explaining in detail who can be an audiobook narrator? Beginning with the basic information regarding how audiobook narration works, you will slowly get into the techniques and skills that you need to develop and work on.

A lot of people want to become audiobook narrators because they are literal bookworms. This kind of person benefits from reading out loud. Some want to become audiobook narrators because they have been told, that they possess the skill and great voice. But it takes more than love for books and good narration skills to become a popular and successful audiobook narrator.

There is no need to mention that audiobook narration is not a hobby, but a profession. And, like every other profession, certain skills are necessary to become an audiobook narrator. So, before you step foot in the world of narration, make sure that you have these basic skills required to be successful in your chosen career.

Attractive Voice

The first thing that is mandatory to be successful in the field of audiobook narration is an attractive voice. It is quite obvious that when someone has an attractive voice, it makes us feel happy when we talk to him or her. In the same manner, the book that is narrated by a person of beautiful and charming voice grab more attention from the listeners and book lovers.

Who can be an Audiobook Narrator and Basic Skills Required
Who can be an Audiobook Narrator and Basic Skills Required

An Acting Background

A very obvious reason is that any acting background could make a huge difference in the transition while narrating. You can be extremely skilled with your words and enunciation. But, being able to act is a significant point because the story you are about to narrate is not your story and yet you have to feel it. Who better than an actor could do it?

Ability to Differentiate Accents and Dialects

This is not a surprising point, but this is the most significant point because to separate each character and yourself from other narrators is quite a job. Suppose, a scene where there are seven sisters, now as an audiobook narrator your job is to make seven distinct voices for each sister.

Research Skills

Research skills are one of the most fundamental things in every profession because you should know what you are talking about. And, especially as an audiobook narrator you cannot afford to stumble upon unknown terms or things that you are not familiar with. Good research beforehand is extremely important. This will also protect you from the potential embarrassment that can happen in the studio.

Who can be an Audiobook Narrator and Basic Skills Required
Who can be an Audiobook Narrator and Basic Skills Required

Good Stamina

Getting through a day just sitting and reading a book aloud might be simple. But those hours of reading bring exhaustion as well. Several things matter in an audiobook narration such as breath control, knowing when to pull back or be loud, and more. The narrator has to go through a lot of emotions to voice them out and make them sound authentic, properly enunciated, and expressive of all emotions.

After you get familiar with these fundamental points and now it is time to make your success certain, and only two things can do are – practice and learn from the pros. You have identified that you have the required skills to start your career as an audiobook narrator but how can you perfect your job. Just, shut down everything and pick up a book to narrate aloud. Pro tip: if it is a book or genre that you do not like, it will be a better practice. Because, as an audiobook narrator you will not have the privilege to read whatever you want to read. Another thing that will help you refine your narration skills is by listening. Listen to popular audiobook narrators and see how you can incorporate their skills into yourself.

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