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Origin Story of Kang the Conqueror

Origin Story of Kang the Conqueror

The Marvel Universe has many villains and supervillains but very few can match the status and aura of King Kang in the Marvel Comics. Kang the Conqueror is one of the most iconic and popular villains of the Marvel Universe. The time traveling supervillain was one of the first major threats for the elite Superhero team of Avengers. So, let’s dig deep into the Origin Story of Kang the Conqueror and explore a few interesting facts & information about the Marvel Supervillain.

Kang the Conqueror’s Origin Story

The supervillain was created by the iconic pair of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Kang made his first appearance in the 1963 Comic book ‘Fantastic Four’ (volume 19). Kang the Conqueror’s character was initially introduced as  ‘Rama-Tut’. Later Marvel Comics introduced him as Kang in the 8th edition of the 1964 Comic book ‘The Avengers’. Kang the Conqueror is a villain from the future (31st Century) who time travels Earth. Kang’s alter ego is Nathaniel Richards. Nathaniel is a Thirty First Century scholar and is also the descendant of Mister Fantastic’s father. Mister Fantastic aka Reed Richards is the leader & founding member of Fantastic Four. Reed Richards’ father was a time traveling scientist whose name was also ‘Nathaniel Richards’

Origin Story of Kang the Conqueror
Origin Story of Kang the Conqueror

How Nathaniel Richards became Kang the Conqueror

Being a scholar Nathaniel Richards was mesmerized and engrossed into History. Like his ancestors Richards (Kang) was also interested in the theme of time traveling and discovered the time traveling technology developed by Doctor Victor Von Doom. After this event Richards traveled back in time to the ancient Empire of Egypt where he strived to absorb a Sphinx-shaped timeship and become the Pharaoh Rama-Tut. However, his rule as an Emperor is short lived as he’s defeated by Fantastic Four. After this defeat Nathaniel Richards travels to the 20th Century where he meets Doctor Victor Von Doom. Richards claims and believes that Doctor Doom is his ancestor. Eventually Nathaniel Richards designs an armor which was based on Doom’s armor. And fights the Avengers but again Richards gets thrown out of this timeline too.

Then Nathaniel Richards tries to move back to the Thirty First Century but fails to do so and is accidentally over overshoots by a thousand years. In the timeline Nathaniel discovers that Earth is devastated by wars and barely understands the use of their advanced weapons. Seeing this as a good opportunity & easy target Nathaniel Richards conquers Earth and plans to expand his conquest across planets and galaxies. After the conquest Nathaniel Richards crowned himself with the title of ‘Kang the Conqueror’.

Origin Story of Kang the Conqueror
Origin Story of Kang the Conqueror

Powers and Abilities of Kang the Conqueror

Nathaniel Richards aka Kang the Conqueror has no godly or superhuman powers. However, the scholar is a genius who has access to advanced technologies. He’s also an expert engineer, tactician. But his real asset is his mastery of time travel and also possesses advanced armor. The Armor is believed to be an advanced 40th Century war tool that enhances Kang’s capabilities in combat drastically. Kang also possesses futuristic technology which is capable of energy, hologram, and force-field projection. The Marvel Supervillain has almost access to all the weapons of any timeline. Some sources even account for the unbelievable potential that Kang’s Ship has. It is said that the Ship alone could destroy the Moon.

Kang’s Scope in Upcoming MCU Projects

The best part about Kang’s character is that he can simply slip into any storyline with ease but can create drastic long lasting impact. Kang the Conqueror can be a perfect getaway for many iconic Marvel Comics characters like Doctor Victor Von Doom,  the Young Avengers, the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kang can be a thread between different storylines and characters. MCU can easily utilize him connecting dots and creating something interesting & grand for the Marvel fans. What’s your take on Kang the Conqueror’s potential as a Supervillain?

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