‘Lore’ by Alexandra Bracken is an amazingly imaginative born of the classic Greek pantheon of gods. Starting with a subject of civil war which in conventional content incorporated everything except Hestia attempting to challenge Zeus. Bracken’s story is somewhat more concentrated and results in a lot harsher punishments by the god.

The fundamental character, Melora or ‘Lore,’ is the last surviving individual from her House.. the House of Perseus. The Persedes as they’re known.. are one of nine Houses of legendary heroes.. who after the uprising of the gods and goddesses, are basically tasked with their punishments.

So what is their punishment? The Agon. A chase, essentially.. that happens at regular intervals.. at the point when the nine rebellious gods are compelled to walk the earth as humans while the legendary Houses attempt to destroy them, kill them, and take their power. For reasons unknown, whomever kills the past god.. turns into the upgraded one. At least, for seven years until the following Agon when they need to join the chase as prey.

I really love folklore and generally I am anxious to get my hands on new stories. Inspired or created from interesting old stories, but ‘Lore’ is simply outstanding. The origin of events is positively established in an authentic reason that appears as though it might have come from similar convictions. However the modern twist is easily converged with the classic theme.

I like Athena.. she is hilarious and in that unintentional, dry wit kind of way. Additionally, I appreciated that Bracken gave the old gods an exceptionally formal speech pattern and a disassociated viewpoint of the world and people around them. Castor is another top choice, however the characters in general all have depth to them, individuality, and distinctively clear ‘voices’ making the reading as easy as any normal discussion. The dialogue is incredible and that is the thing I find is most vulnerable in many works from writing to television to film.

I am anticipating that ‘Lore’ will be in my top reads of 2021.. yet, we will see what the year has to bring to the table. “lore” is for sure a page turner, while there is either some sort of tense battle or unveiled drama is going on at most times. I highly recommend this title for anybody with an interest in folklore and modern urban fantasy.

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