Sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s 2023, nearly 30 years after the 1990s, which the internet has proclaimed to be the most sentimental and enduring era in human history. Back then, TV comedies could make you chuckle without relying on sleazy plot devices or tired clichés. The comedy was straightforward but also clever. Keeping an entire generation in constant laughter, day in and day out. Before eventually becoming formulaic and going backward, the Indian TV business walked a narrow edge and did it admirably for almost ten years. However, let’s have a look at 8 Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot.

Hum Paanch

Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot - Hum Paanch
Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot – Hum Paanch

Hum Paanch was an Indian TV Show. Shobha and Ekta Kapoor were the show’s producers. Anand Mathur, a white-collar worker, frequently found himself in problems in this TV series due to his 5 daughters. The first 3 daughters were born to Anand and his first wife, while the other two were born to Anand and his second wife. Each sister has a distinctive personality. Each episode depicts the five sisters’ middle-class existence, where they frequently quarrel with one another but yet support one another and hold hands when one of them gets into problems. Anand’s second wife used to take care of her five girls instead of Anand, and Anand’s first wife, whose portrait was in the living room, frequently spoke to him through the portrait. This was among the funniest sitcoms ever made.


Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot – Shaktimaan

Shaktiman was aired on Indian television from September 13, 1997, to March 27, 2005. In this first ever superhero show in India “Shaktiman” was portrayed by Mukesh Khanna, who also served as the show’s producer. Shaktiman was a superhero with superhuman abilities who developed them through meditation and interaction with natural elements like water, earth, fire, space, and air. Mukesh Khanna had the idea to create an Indian superhero who was born during a yagna during the time when Spider-Man, Superman, and the rest were all kids. The show, however, was mired in numerous scandals, such as when kids jumped off buildings, believing Shaktimaan would save them, not comprehending that Shaktimaan was a made-up character. However, the youngsters also enjoyed this program and it had some positive influences on them.

Dekh Bhai Dekh

Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot - Dekh Bhai Dekh
Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot – Dekh Bhai Dekh

Dekh Bhai Dekh is the Indian version of “Friends” that is popular among Indians. The 3 generations of the Diwan Family, who reside in Mumbai’s suburbs, are depicted in this well-liked 90s program. This is one of the 90s television programs with the longest runs. It was filled with a variety of feelings, clever conversation, a fantastic cast, humor, and drama. The show’s key takeaway was “to stay together in happiness and sorrow.” Every character delivered their finest performance, leaving viewers with lasting memories of them. The program is appropriate for all ages.

Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Shaka Laka Boom Boom
Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot – Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Shaka Laka Boom Boom is yet another Indian TV program. It began airing on October 15, 2000. Each episode lasted roughly 24 minutes. The Shaka Laka Boom performance. Vijay Krishna Acharya directed and wrote the boom. Shaka Laka Boom Boom aired 4 seasons with a total of 491 episodes. Sanju, the protagonist of the first series, discovers a magical pencil that has the power to make everything he sketches come to life. Shaan, an alien, is the focus of the second season, which also centers on his thrilling encounter with a mystical pencil.

Sanju and Shaan go on a lot of exciting experiences while attending Jadoo High, a magic school, in the third season. Sanju travels to the year 2022 in order to defend his family in season 4 because he wants to protect them. Shaka Laka boom boom is among the most magical and daring programs from the 1990s.


Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot - Aahat
Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot – Aahat

Aahat was a fan favorite in every component that could possibly make a horror show. Every Thursday at 10 o’clock, the show aired, and it was always worth the wait. Every program featured a distinct form of dread that the Indian audience had never previously witnessed on television. Aahat’s theme song is highly renowned, much like the theme song for Zee Horror Show.

Flop Show

Flop Show
Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot – Flop Show

There was the “Flop Show” before there was stand-up comedy. The well-known satirical comedian Jaspal Bhatti wrote and directed the comedy series Flop Show. He and his wife, Savita Bhatti, co-starred as the serial’s main characters. The satirical show was based on issues that common people encounter. This comedy series was really well-liked by everyone.

Office Office

Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot - Office Office
Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot – Office Office

“Office Office” is a popular Indian television sitcom that aired on SAB TV from 2001 to 2003. The show is a satire on the common man’s struggles with corruption in the government offices and bureaucracy in India. It was written and directed by Rajiv Mehra, and starred actor Pankaj Kapoor in the lead role. The show was well-received by audiences and critics alike, and is considered a cult classic in Indian television history.

Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers
Indian TV Shows that need a Reboot – Movers & Shakers

“Shekhar Suman hosted “Movers & Shakers” an Indian talk show that began airing in 1997 on Sony Entertainment Television. The program featured interviews, comedic segments, and appearances by famous guests. It continued airing until August 2011, and then again on SAB TV between March and June 2012.”

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