Publishing a book is a brutal process. After you’re finished writing your first book, you still have to figure out how to get it out there on the market. Before if a writer had a novel or other work, there was essentially a single path to follow: you had to find an agent who liked your writing, and who could sell it to a publisher or directly go to the publisher. This process could take months or years. However, now writers can self- publish their own books. Here are some basic tips on how to sell book as an author and self-publisher?

Do Research

To self publish doing research online is a good place to start. On the internet there is a great deal of information available regarding self publishing and the challenges that come with it, such as editing, promotion among others. There are groups on social networking sites like Facebook, etc. that can offer advice and support. There are also different varieties of books and blogs available online that can help you start self-publishing by giving you ideas and advice on how do it. Talk with writers who have self published their books before. There are organizations and companies like Notion Press, Bluerose Publishers, Blue Hill Publications and many more that can help you self publish your first book. If possible contact them and ask questions on how they can help. Try to have a good business plan and strategy based on what your goals are as an author and also in the writing industry.

Maintain A Blog

A Blog will help you as a author and also in marketing efforts when you self publish your first book or more. A blog will help you gain some potential readers. People will get to know you on a blog. On a blog you can point the new readers to your social media and email campaigns. Write on the blog everyday if possible. Create high quality and relevant content. Your blog will help you rank in the Google searches which will lead to readers finding about you and your blog. Keep updating your blog with articles so you can reach your target audience through organic search results.

Edit Your Book

It is important for books too, to make good first impressions. The book should still go through the publishing process even if you are publishing it yourself. You can hire a copy editor to help you or you can edit it yourself. There are several resources and techniques that can help you edit. After editing your manuscript you need to format it for publishing. There are many softwares available such as Vellum or even InDesign among many others available that help in formatting and producing e-books. After this, even if your book is amazing, it is important to write a book description. Your book description is a tool you are using to sell your first book or more. Write a few different versions of descriptions and then get feedback from people on which description is most effective. The description should be concise so that the readers can know what the book is about.

Sell Your Book

Amazon offers self publishers two methods of e-book distribution. One is Kindle Direct Publishing aka KDP and the other is KDP Select. KDP allows you to sell your book through Amazon and KDP Select gives you access to a variety of marketing tools, higher royalties and lets you participate in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library where you can lend books to Amazon Prime Member. But KDP Select requires a subscription. You can also use companies that help authors self publish like the Notion Press, Bluerose Publishers and many other companies.

Spread The Word

Build an email list for your book for marketing as you will be able to let people know about your book by directly sending a mail to their inbox. Use social media platforms. Build your followers by writing and publishing about your book and also other writers. Interact with your followers and other writers. Follow other writers, support them and promote their work so that in return they promote your work too. This way you will be able to reach many people. Find the right platform and post and comment in a right way. Use Goodreads to interact with other authors and readers. Post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to let people know about your book. If you know people who read your book ask them for their review and feedback.

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