How To Self Promote Your Books? – Do you aspire to be a best-selling author but worry that you lack the knowledge necessary to market your book? We understand that creating a promotion plan is difficult; in some cases, it may be just as labour-intensive as authoring a book.

But as a writer, you must have a promotion strategy in place once you’ve completed writing your book. Since no one will be aware of your book without one, it will be difficult to sell many copies! Even if you have a publisher, you should still create a promotion strategy because it’s possible they won’t do much to market your book until after you’ve sold a specific number of copies.

Getting TV Interviews to Promote Your Book

Getting a TV spot is the stuff of dreams—just think of all the free advertising! But as you can expect, since so many people are vying for the same position, getting a TV interview is not simple. Here is our plan for getting you a TV interview.

Pitch carefully

Start by establishing connections with the hosts and producers of the shows you’re interested in if you want to stand out from the crowd. Building partnerships is a crucial component of the pitch because it will enable them to comprehend you better and create chemistry between you. An important component of a TV interview is this.

How To Self Promote Your Books - 5 Easy Ways
How To Self Promote Your Books – 5 Easy Ways

Keep it brief

The media industry is incredibly active! Because producers won’t spend time reading through hundreds of proposals, you must keep your pitch succinct and to the point. In the first ten sentences, try to grab their attention.

Recognize Your Audience

Make your book pertinent to their readers; don’t make them make connections on their own. Share an amusing story to demonstrate that you will be entertaining to interview if the TV show has an entertainment focus. Let your sense of humour come through by being foolish and comical.

Show that you’re there to debate a significant problem and that the discussion will be held in high regard if it’s a serious programme. Use a serious tone of voice, and to further demonstrate the profundity of the subject, use figures and quotes.

Be ready, ready, ready

To avoid freezing when the cameras are rolling, prepare your talking points in advance by writing them down and practising them. Keep in mind that you want to sound natural and have a conversation with the host. Practice your talking points until they represent a genuine back-and-forth dialogue.

How To Self Promote Your Books - 5 Easy Ways
How To Self Promote Your Books – 5 Easy Ways

Conduct research

To connect with your audience, you must first comprehend them. You will have access to specific demographic data for the programme, so it is up to you to adjust your content accordingly. Here are some ideas to get you started on knowing your audience:

  • How old are they on average?
  • What do they find interesting?
  • What is currently a trendy or trending topic with them?

You may create a natural connection with the audience by using this knowledge to do so.

Interviews on radio and podcast

Podcasts and radio programmes are excellent ways to share your voice with potential readers. It’s well worth the effort to be heard on both platforms given that podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity and that over 90% of Americans listen to the radio.

Local podcasts and radio programmes are constantly looking for fresh material to share with their listeners. They also cherish their neighbourhood and would give residents priority over outsiders. A benefit of your pitch will be mentioning your locality, especially if you mention the locations of your upcoming book signings at neighbourhood book stores.

Local bookshops

Book lovers adore their neighbourhood bookshops. And since they are your intended audience, you should present there to expand your fan base! Here’s how to show up at the neighbourhood bookshop.

How To Self Promote Your Books - 5 Easy Ways
How To Self Promote Your Books – 5 Easy Ways

Here’s how to show up at the neighbourhood bookshop

Make an Appointment

Local bookshops are more than happy to showcase visitors that will draw their readers to the store because book clubs love to meet new authors.

Provide for your audience

You’ve scheduled a performance! You must now prepare your performance and give your readers what they want. What book clubs seek from a live appearance is as follows:

  • A presentation of your book that is interesting or provocative
  • Some short stories or a live reading
  • Live Q&As regarding your work and your book
  • signings of books
  • Free books (or links to download free ebooks!)

Interviews in print

Publications are still going strong. When developing your promotion strategy, don’t overlook this sort of media as many also have a sizable online presence.

Find magazines and blogs that your target audience usually reads and get in touch with them instead.

Social media

Social media doesn’t need an introduction, yet if you don’t use it to promote your book, you’re losing out on sales. It can be difficult to optimise your social media platforms, but we’ve figured out the most effective ways to use social media to promote your book.

How To Self Promote Your Books - 5 Easy Ways
How To Self Promote Your Books – 5 Easy Ways

Promotion Another tried-and-true strategy to spread the word about your most recent endeavour is through your book advertising. Although this approach calls for a financial outlay, you have a decent possibility of recovering it through sales.

You can find both online and physical venues to promote your book. Consider some of the top options:

Amazon: With Amazon Advertising, you may directly market your book on Amazon. This has the benefit of putting it in front of interested prospective customers.

BookBub: The effective book promotion service BookBub also provides options for paid advertising.

Facebook: Mark Dawson and other independent authors have experienced great success with Facebook advertising as a book promotion strategy.

local media: You can pay to have your book advertised in local publications if any still exist in your area.

You must be responsible for your promotion efforts if you ever hope to be a best-selling author.

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