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How To Look Confident In An Interview

How To Look Confident In An Interview

How To Look Confident In An Interview

How To Look Confident In An Interview: There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you are given the “golden ticket”, an interview opportunity after a long, arduous road of job hunting and application. After a brief period of joy, however, your mind will turn to the interview and questions that will be asked, as well as how the interviewer will be, and your heart will begin to race. In a job interview, exuding confidence is just as crucial as demonstrating your abilities and credentials. It is crucial to practice communicating your confidence and professionalism; doing so can help you maintain your composure and boost your confidence throughout the interview.

Why does Confidence matter?

To be confident is to put your trust in yourself. A job interview is a crucial time to display your confidence. By doing this, you can earn the interviewer’s trust as well. You must convince the interviewer that you are qualified for the position by communicating with them in a convincing manner. It’s common to experience anxiety before an interview. Below are some tips that will help you appear confident in the interview: which are as follows:

Eye contact

It’s usually a good idea to practice eye contact to project confidence. Maintaining constant and unforced eye contact is a wonderful method to project confidence throughout the interview. Instead of maintaining stiff or monotonous eye contact, try to maintain genuine eye contact. Try to sometimes glance over the CV you brought to the interview while speaking with the interviewer before you continue speaking with the hiring manager.

Maintain good posture

It is believed that after mastering eye contact, excellent posture will be practiced. In an interview, Confidence must be shown in part through body language. Make sure to sit with your arms spread out on your lap when you go for an interview to convey an approachable, open demeanor. Your confidence in answering any questions that may be asked is demonstrated by your posture, which should be straight back, shoulders back, and chest and chin lifted.

How To Look Confident In An Interview
How To Look Confident In An Interview

Use Good Body Language

Pay attention to your body language. Crossing your arms will make you appear protective. When standing or sitting, refrain from fidgeting or slouching. When appropriate, nod while maintaining a straight posture and a forward lean. Make eye contact with the interviewer while speaking to demonstrate your reliability. Throughout the interview, maintain a carefree demeanor. Before you leave, give the interviewer one more handshake.

Stay calm

Anxiety manifests itself through fidgeting. Practice keeping your hands on the table if you have a tendency to tap your fingers, shake your legs, or twirl your hair. You can keep your hands on your lap and exert a little pressure to remind yourself to stop shaking if you frequently shake your leg when you are anxious.

Rehearse your answers

Answers to frequently asked interview questions are one of the best methods to demonstrate your confidence. If you go into the interview knowing this, you’ll feel more at ease and more confident. Sitting down with a family member who can assist you in coming up with appropriate and correct answers will help you practice.

How To Look Confident In An Interview
How To Look Confident In An Interview

Talk at a normal speed

Make sure to always talk slowly and quietly when you go for an interview. Each question should be answered with a single point-by-point explanation. In addition, one must keep in mind to avoid rambling about unrelated topics. A potential employer will immediately pick up on indicators such as speaking at a moderate pace, remaining cool, and sticking to your points.

Consider dress code

You can increase your confidence in an interview by dressing appropriately. Depending on the industry or vertical, each organization has a different dress code. If it’s an MNC, formal attire is appropriate. Back navy blue or dark brown are the ideal hues for a formal setting.

Think positively

By focusing on the good, you may get rid of all the negative thoughts and increase your confidence. By actively focusing on the trouble spots and taking control of them, you can defeat this. One of the finest methods to ace any interview without experiencing too much stress is to think positively.

How To Look Confident In An Interview
How To Look Confident In An Interview

Just Breathe

Spend a few minutes breathing while you wait to be greeted by your interviewer. By doing this, you may turn the negative emotion you’re feeling—like anxiety or fear—into something else, which can help you relax. The most efficient way to do this is to inhale deeply through your nose, allowing your stomach to fully expand, and then slowly exhale through your mouth. This should be done three to four times while focusing on clearing your mind.


It’s critical to maintain concentration for those 15 to 30 minutes, whether the interview is on the phone or in person. Being early will help you focus completely on the interview. You can experience distractions if you arrive late or just in time.

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