Her Perfect Family by Teresa Driscoll is well written suspenseful novel. The story is set in England. According to me book starts little slow. But, after completing quarter, it truly grabbed me. There were many twists in the story. I guessed about the villain soon because the person appeared to be so quirky. The manner in which the story unfurled to uncover the motive was great. Mental problems was a major subject in this story. It was dealt in such a way that caused me to feel sympathy for the characters.

Her Perfect Family By Teresa Driscoll Is Well Written Suspenseful Novel
Her Perfect Family By Teresa Driscoll Is Well Written Suspenseful Novel

The story of this book was written according to multiple viewpoints. The chapters switch between the perspectives of Gemma, her mom Rachel, her dad Ed, and PI Matthew Hill. Every chapters is written as third person except the mother Rachel, whose chapter is in the first person. This made the book feel as if it is focused on the mother and daughter, and the connection between them. There are additionally a few chapters that jump back to an alternate time-frame.

Each character has their own specific challenge to confront, Whether it be a secret from the past or a current adversary. Every one of the characters is likeable and intriguing. Each offers a potential answer for the secret, which is the thing that keeps us speculating and enjoying.

In the first chapter we read that Gemma is shot during her graduation. She is in her coma as other characters need to unwind the secret of who the attempted murderer is, and what the reason of this committed crime. Along the way we find out about certain hidden secrets that relatives and family members have kept from others. The secret extends as characters begin to think whether these old secrets are associated with the current attempted murder. There are some dubious activities from various characters, before the secret is solved. The story is wrapped up in a genuinely fulfilling way. The loose ends are tied up, and the motive of the crime is clarified.

Overall! I enjoyed Her Perfect Family by Teresa Driscoll. The writer worked really well in uncovering the plot as the story is told according to alternate points of view. The first person viewpoint of Rachel truly connect the reader to that character. The pacing was bit slow at start but then it was good after completing quarter of the book. So I wouldn’t say that this is awesome, however for the most part a pretty solid psychological thriller.

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