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Her Dark Lies By J.T. Ellison

Her Dark Lies: By J.T. Ellison Is An Intriguing And Exciting Novel

Her Dark Lies By J.T. Ellison is a modern day Gothic thriller with more than a few nods to Rebecca. This is an intriguing and exciting novel. Bohemian artist Claire is wedding Jack Compton, scion of an incomprehensibly rich family, who have the couple of dearly held secrets of the eminent family retreat on far off Isle Isola. Some of those skeletons are preferably more literal than others. Trapped on the island by an incredible storm, Claire comes to know somebody doesn’t need her wedding to go on. What’s more, is that somebody may murder to stop it.

Her Dark Lies By J.T. Ellison
Her Dark Lies By J.T. Ellison

The pressure tightens up consistently all through, as increasingly more of Claire and Jack’s pasts are uncovered. Claire is no holy messenger, for certain dark secrets of her own, incredible enough that her own sister is completely set up to destroy Claire’s life whenever given the chance. However, it pales in comparison to the Compton legacy of blood.

With the whole caste trapped on the island, and first body turned up this turns into a bolted room thriller. Claire definitely realized something wasn’t right when her wedding dress was gruesomely sabotaged. However, discovering somebody is ready to kill takes the tension to the next level. It’s obvious from the very beginning that who must be behind everything. Except the uncover of their associate took me by surprise, as did Claire’s activities in the last confrontation and subsequently. We should simply say that Claire is a commendable replacement to the Compton legacy. I also think Jack may eventually be shocked by the strength of the lady he’s married!

There’s some ravishing writing here which some may discover slow, however I thought it truly assisted with setting the atmosphere. I could nearly smell the Mediterranean Sea air and the thick fragrance of lemons in the trees. Hear the roar from the approaching storm. Her Dark Lies By J.T. Ellison isn’t the first novel I’ve read by this writer, and it positively will not be my last.

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