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Good Books Are Good Friends: 10 Reasons Why

Good Books Are Good Friends: 10 Reasons Why

Everyone keeps saying that good books are good friends. But have you ever stopped to analyze why that is so? Why do books make you feel so much, and why are they your ultimate source of comfort when things go wrong? Lets deep dive into this notion and find our why?

Good Books Are Good Friends: 10 Reasons Why
Good Books Are Good Friends: 10 Reasons Why

Offer you companionship

Anytime you need a book, for whatever reason, you’ll find it. Whenever you feel lonely, all you need to do is pull out a good old book from your shelf, and you’ll find solace and companionship. You will meet people, get engrossed in their life, and come to know them as dearly as you would a friend. Truly, the best antidote to loneliness is a book.

Teach you life lessons

Books aren’t just fun and entertainment – they can change your life. In fact, if there’s anything in the world that can change even the staunchest opinion, it is books. After all, that is what friends do, right? They teach you things about life that you will always cherish. And that is exactly where books steal the show.

Make you laugh

Perhaps the truest marker of a good friend is his/her ability to make you burst into giggles. Books do that perfectly. How many times have you been in the middle of reading and burst out laughing, scaring your mother? Books make you smile and feel happy and warm inside too. They make you feel good (even when they wrench your heart) and that’s why they’re the best of friends.

Make you feel understood

In books, you will find the truest essence of empathy. No matter what it is that you’re feeling, there’s got to be some book that puts it into words. And now you feel like there’s someone out there – even though he/she is fictitious, who understands you, empathizes with you. If that doesn’t feel like a good friend you can pour your heart to, then what does?

Are always there for you

The best thing about non living objects is that they never desert you. Because they physically cant. Even though your friends might be far away or unavailable, books never are. They’re always there, physically and emotionally. They’re always available for you, to lend a listening ear to everything you have to say.

Provide an escape from problems

Friends are those that give you relief from the daily humdrum and problems of life. They make you forget about everything wrong in your life. Books do exactly that as well. Books are the perfect escape mechanism, making you so engrossed in vivid and wonderful stories that your own story takes a back seat.

Give awesome advice

One of the primary duties of friends is to keep you on the right track and prevent you from doing stupid stuff. And though books can’t physically do that, they most definitely give advice that readers value. Books can make you stop doing self-sabotaging or dangerous things and can also inculcate good habits in you. They give great advice on just about anything.

Feel like a hug for your mind and heart

No one can dispute this. Reading a great book, of any genre and any type, feels like a warm and tight hug from your friend. Reading is not a silent activity, instead, it is like having a conversation with a fictional character. The character might prompt certain thoughts and ideas, or make you feel good. Plus, they’re non judgemental.

Provide a safe space

A safe space is somewhere you can be yourself, and feel unapologetic about it. Books do a great job and providing such a safe space. Within the pages of a book, you can choose to be anyone and do anything, and hence you’re your most spontaneous, real self.

Make you love them

The inherent quality of friends is that they are endearing. And what’s more endearing than a good story you connect with and that makes you feel? Books attach themselves to your heart like a leech – they live in your heart rent free, just like a good friend.

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