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Girl A: Book by Abigail Dean is an Exceptionally Dark Read.

Girl A: Book by Abigail Dean is an Exceptionally Dark Read

Girl A by Abigail Dean has been the talk of town lately. I somehow knew I needed to keep it right to the top of my to be read pile. This is an exceptionally dark read. It is powerful and haunting, and actually, I was so immersed in the story, I did not need it to end.

We meet Lexie, who has been named ‘Girl A,’ by the media following her escape from her parents ‘terror house,’ when she was young. Presently a successful lawyer living in New York, she needs to return to the UK, following her mom’s death, who died in jail. Her mom has left the house they experienced childhood in, to her and her brother in her will. Also, presently, returning home, Lexie once again has to confront her past.

Abigail Dean’s writing hypnotizes you into her story directly from the absolute first page. It is not like a fast-paced story, yet I found myself absolutely gripped by the story and the characters. Lexie was a character who I needed to discover more about, and I needed to know the full detail of what had occurred in her childhood. You can see how uncomfortable she is about returning home. She simply needs the visit to be completely done with the past and to continue ahead with the remainder of her life. She does not even want to hear anything about her mom’s final days. A portion of the jail staff attempt to convince her to think about her mom from an alternate perspective. They additionally, attempt to reveal to her how much they think she has changed.

Abigail Dean progressively starting to uncover more information, in the flashback scenes. I discovered Abigail’s writing style extraordinary as she explores the connection among Lexie and her parents. In the present, we can see exactly how much the years spent with their parents have influenced the children as grown-ups.

I discovered I battled to feel any compassion toward Lexie. She appeared to be very cold as I was reading the book. I felt this, particularly when it appeared to be that she was not too keen to even consider investing time with the remainder of her family.

Girl A is a compelling read. I purposely slowed down, so I could savour it and that does not occur regularly when I am reading. I am certain this is a book which I will continue to get back to every now and then. Furthermore, I can hardly wait to see what Abigail Dean comes up with next. I strongly recommend Girl A.

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