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Elsewhere : By – Dean Koontz

Elsewhere : By – Dean Koontz

“A terrifying new tale…A fast-paced, hold-your-breath thriller with a heart.”

By – Dean Koontz

Jeffrey Coltrane and his little girl Amity are carrying on with the best life they can after spouse and mother Michelle vanished seven years back. Jeffrey once in a while converses with nearby capricious Spooky Ed. One day Ed gives him a bundle letting him know never to open it, and unquestionably never use what is inside, what he calls the Key to Everything. Minutes after the fact, the NSA attacks their home. Jeffy opens the bundle to hide the content without any problem. It is as kind of cell phone, or controller. They incidentally initiate the gadget and Jeffy and Amity land on Earth 1.13, alternate timeline in which America has become a fascist state. They are pursued down and get back at the last possible second, however not without bringing an unexpected passenger.

“Elsewhere” is a sci-fi spine chiller in a contemporary setting, with an emphasis on family ties. The Key to Everything is a decent McGuffin. Yet, the characters are somewhat shallow. The miscreant working, government specialist John Falkirk, is one of so numerous who have gone through Koontz’s oeuvre, and shockingly he doesn’t appear to be powerful. Jeffrey is the typical weak hero, the ordinary person who winds up in bizarre conditions. Amity is not quite the same as the youngsters Koontz has recently shown in his stories. She is even more develop than her age, yet she is likewise a genuine kid. The sections alternate routinely between the characters, each gets their screen time.

Parallel universes was utilized ordinarily in different books so the general purpose isn’t simply the thought yet how the writer turns the story. Also, Mr. Koontz turns it quite well. The plot has a correct combination of exciting experience and individual stories to keep the readers locked in. All characters are either totally acceptable or altogether awful which, as I would see it, is OK in this sort of book. There are additionally no attempts to clarify the science behind the wonder which is likewise OK.

I will recommend it to all light fantasy thrillers lover

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