Drown Her Sorrows By Melinda Leigh is the 3rd installment of the Bree Taggart series. Trying to balance her new position as sheriff with misery and dealing with her niece and nephew. Bree scarcely has the time to pursue her relationship with Matt along with another murder for them to solve.

Drown Her Sorrows By Melinda Leigh
Drown Her Sorrows By Melinda Leigh

Bree gets a call from one of her deputies who was searching the abandoned car out by an old bridge. However, when a body is discovered, things turn more evil. Bree and Matt beginning investigation after the cause for death and victims identity is determined. There are so many things to search for. Bad business on the job? Jealous spouse? A domestic gone wrong?  Motives keep piling up as new evidence keeps coming. Meanwhile, somebody is leaving nasty surprises and has deadly aim with a gun.

Drown Her Sorrows By Melinda Leigh was a great read as the novels that proceeded it. I lost myself in this book and I did not see when more than half of it was gone instantly. I love the manner in which the author builds up her characters, their connections, and the secrets they need to solve. The sentiment is solid and has a simmering slow-burn that each book conveys the relationship slightly further. Making it simple to perceive any reason why the couple will suffer and last.

The mystery in this one appears to be simple until it is not. This one completely did a Gotcha on me. I had no clue about who did it or why, although I do had some wild guesses, however I did not come close. I will say here that the attention for precision about police strategies and crime investigation is a main feature of the mystery side. It was extraordinary having Matt’s sister play a solid part in this one. Obviously I got excited over the little crossover with characters from the Morgan Dane series.

People who like well-developed characters, good solid mystery and slow-burn romance should definitely check out this series.

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