Crown of Bones is unquestionably a fantasy novel you will not have any desire to miss. It is by a long shot one of my number one fantasy novels ever. Crown of Bones caught my attention from the beginning and I was unable to put it down until the end. I was captivated with this story and this lovely world. The characters are very well-developed and swoon worthy, and constant dangers approach these characters from each side. A.K. Wilder did so well in creating this world and story.

The story of “Crown of Bones” is splendid. Savants, as Marcus, can raise a monster, a Phantom. Non-Savants cannot raise a Phantom. Marcus, Ash’s closest companion, is Savant who consistently struggles to control his Phantom. His consistent struggles, inside and outside, make his storyline really captivating. He is a character who faces such countless struggles, yet learns to conquer these struggles. Furthermore, however Marcus is a main character, the most intriguing primary character, I think, is Ash. She is a non-Savant, but something is off about her. She is a captivating character that I simply want to know more about her. Her past contains a few insider facts that gradually are uncovered, and that just attempted to thicken the plot. Ash is effectively one of those characters I was unable to get sufficient of, and one I could undoubtedly easily relate to.

But honestly, while I adored Ash, I was overjoyed for each and every section that contained the charming and secretive sailor, Kaylin. He is so mysterious to the point that not even the readers knows whether he harbours fiendish purpose. Also, despite the fact it remained a major secret for most part of the Crown of Bones, I actually pull for him. Kaylin carries another viewpoint to the group that reveals insight into specific parts of this mysterious world. That makes Ash question such countless things. He pushes his way into this close-knit group of friends. yet as the reader, I did not care about the slightest bit.

A.K. Wilder composing is new and brilliant and gripping. A.K. Wilder has made a novel “Crown of Bones” that is overflowing with lush prose, awesome world building, and a wonderful magic framework. While Wilder has made astounding and quirky characters, the genuine strength of this book exists in her narrating and world building. The world is so clearly caught that I could see everything about this world in my mind. It is that kind of world structure I am continually searching for, and Wilder did brilliant work in this.

All in all, Crown of Bones is a top fantasy novel for me that I will highly recommend to each reader I can. I am sitting tight for the continuation.

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