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Circe : By – Madeline Miller

so vivid, so layered, you could get lost in it... Whether or not you think you like Greek Mythology, this is just great storytelling. It feels cinematic.

By – Madeline Miller

Circe is told from the perspective of Circe only, who is a girl child of the sun Titan Helios. Her mom was Perse, a sea nymph who was the granddaughter of the Titan Oceanos.

We chiefly know about Circe from the Odyssey and her interactions with Odysseus. She was known as a sorceress who lived on an island and transformed men into pigs. We know from the Odyssey that Circe was frequently observed working at a huge loom encompassed by hazardous creatures, for example, wolves and lions, yet they were all controlled by her. We likewise know from the Odyssey that Odysseus – by uprightness of his wiles – not only avoids Circe’s witchcraft as well as beds her too. When he leaves she gives him guidance on the best way to overcome the dangers on his way toward the seaward journey home to his country of Ithaca, for example, Scylla and Charybdis, so he can rejoin with his beloved spouse Penelope and child Telemachus.

Circe was not a significant figure in the Odyssey; actually when I initially opened the book I realized I got her mixed up with Calypso. but now, I won’t commit that error any longer. This minor character has now become my number one character all because of the brilliant writing done by the author.

Since this book is told from Circe’s perspective, we get to personally know her – her set of experiences and story as well as her thoughts too. The reason this is so significant is because at the end we come to empathize with Circe.I took a couple of days to complete this book yet that was not on the grounds that it was a moderate read. The polar opposite; I was so glad while perusing it that I would stop myself after every section just to find a steady speed so it wouldn’t end too early.

I highly recommend this to any fans of Greek folklore and without a doubt to any individual who appreciated The Song of Achilles. but, you don’t need to know the history of Odyssey or Greek folklore to cherish this book. In spite of the fact that this novel is about a divine being, it’s actually about being human.

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