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Chain of Iron By Cassandra Clare

Chain of Iron: By Cassandra Clare Is Exciting, Breathtaking and Awesome

Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare is the second novel in The Last Hours series. This series is a part of the Shadowhunters universe. Chain of Iron picks up a few weeks after the ending of Chain of Gold. We quickly bounce back in with all of the characters from our number one Shadowhunter families. This including, the Carstiars, Herondales, Fairchilds, and the Lightwoods. The Merry Thieves are back again with new conflicts inside their group. From a fake marriage and a killer who walk the streets, searching for Shadowhunters, to the dealings with ghosts. New secrets are uncovered with some kept inside their groups and some from one another. We see new connections developed and old ones struggle through inconveniences that could split them up.

Chain of Iron By Cassandra Clare
Chain of Iron By Cassandra Clare

I can’t express how far this writer has come from City of Bones. I read that last year and as yet getting a charge out of it. Cassandra Clare is so brilliant in the way she interconnects the story lines between different series. The Last Hours, The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices, and everything in between. We find answers in this story that could identify with the entirety of the individual series. Everything within Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare is delightful and makes the story a shockingly good experience in the work of art. Quotes toward the start of every section and the structure of the passages.

For a multi-point of view book, you will wind up wanting to hear from each individual character, and see what they are doing. Generally, I would wind up searching for my number one characters ‘ point of view when reading a novel. However, this time I wanted to hear from everybody. There was so much going on among Cordelia and James, Anna Lightwood, The Merry Thieves, Matthew Fairchild and Lucie and Jesse Blackthorn that you could simply not get enough. Additionally, the angst between these characters is so sweet and great. My heart was so full seeing their connections between one another and their friendship develop so much stronger.

Like each Cassandra Clare novel, the ending of “Chain of Iron” freaking broke me and brought me to tears. I can not imagine that I need to sit tight a whole year for the following novel. However, that is the thing that makes it so much better. I simply love these characters and opening this novel resembled getting back home to a get-together of all my number one characters.

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