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Firekeeper's Daughter By Angeline Boulley

Firekeeper’s Daughter: By Angeline Boulley Is A Stunning And Thrilling Debut Novel

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley is a stunning and thrilling debut novel. This novel is part coming of age story and part crime fiction. At 18 year of age Daunis Fontaine is preparing to begin classes at the nearby college. She surrendered her place at UM to stay close to her “delicate” mother who is taking care of her grandma who recently had a stroke. She was one of the few girls on the boy’s HS varsity hockey team. However, currently she is not playing at the college level because of a shoulder injury. Hockey is THE huge thing in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, where her stepbrother is the town golden kid and captain of the semipro team.

Firekeeper's Daughter By Angeline Boulley
Firekeeper’s Daughter By Angeline Boulley

She and her sibling Levi have a same dad and they have 3 months of age difference. She is additionally grieving the meth overdose of her beloved Uncle David (mother’s sibling). He was a science teacher at a nearby high school.

At the point when her best friend Lily’s boyfriend got engages in meth and Lily says a final farewell to him. He shoots Lily and afterward himself. Now the new high school science teacher meets with Daunis and uncovers that he is really a FBI agent. Besides that, he also explains that Uncle David was a secret informant. He requests that Daunis takes her uncle’s position, and to work with Jamie, the new hockey player in Levi’s semipro team.

Jamie and Daunis begin liking one another. However, is this simply part of the undercover play-acting? The action happens a few months. They do make a breakthrough for the case.

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley was just amazing, pure and simple. The commentary on Native American tribal elements is impactful, awkward, and needed. The portrayals by Boulley are detailed, insightful, and perfectly written. The challenges faced by tribal individuals, including drugs, rape, and general bigotry is so relevant and I’m so happy it wasn’t overlooked or romanticized.

The characters are excellent and imperfect and so well-developed. Daunis is a powerful character, with reasonable and relatable feelings and inspirations. She is an extraordinary individual. A great daughter, sister, and friend.

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