Bridge of souls by Victoria Schwab is the third novel in the Cassidy Blake series. In this we proceed with Cassidy Blake’s journey as her parents proceed with the shooting of their new paranormal show in New Orleans. Soon Cassidy is swept up in the extraordinary atmosphere of the city. However, when she is trailed by a mysterious figure cloaked in black the circumstances take an unnerving turn. Who is this figure? Would she be able to stop it, or will it take her beyond the Veil and reclaim her second opportunity at life?

Bridge of Souls By Victoria Schwab
Bridge of Souls By Victoria Schwab

I have truly liked the Cassidy Blake series and this novel was truly well done. Typically, I appreciate the unique worldwide locations but this time we stay in the United States and get to investigate the spooky regions of New Orleans. Something has been trailing Cass and Jacob since Paris, and they will ultimately need to face it down. This is a fast-paced and very well written story. I love that we get to explore the spooky history of New Orleans.

Cass is fun, Smart and well-balanced by her Scottish friend Lara and ghostly friend Jacob. I love Cass’ associations with her ghost hunting parents. I liked that we met an entire pack of new characters in the Society of the Black Cat.

The settings are consistently a major part of what makes these novels astounding and this was no special case. New Orleans was an incredible creepy setting and some of the history here was exceptionally enjoyable to find out about. I have never been to New Orleans, However, Schwab works effectively portraying them and helping us envision and feel the atmosphere.

Bridge of souls by Victoria Schwab is a middle grade novel and is written in a fairly simple style. It’s not difficult to read and connect, but things wrap up a bit too conveniently and things are a bit too simple now and again. As I said I love the atmosphere of this series and truly liked knowing about the supernatural mystery in these various locations. I likewise truly appreciated the story is developed this time and went past Cass solving a straightforward ghost mystery. This time she had unraveled the mystery of the supernatural world.

Overall I truly liked Bridge of souls and at large the entire series. Each book in this series has been loads of fun. The characters are very much developed, and I love finding out about the various locations. They have a decent frightening vibe to them yet never get excessively scary.

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