Blood Heir is the first novel by Ilona Andrews in her brand-new Kate Daniels World series. In Blood Heir, despite the fact that I had read some early parts that Andrews so magnificently gave us glimpses, I was completely overwhelmed with this story. I was unable to put the book down until I completed it. Obviously, Ilona Andrews has ascended to the first spot on my list of most loved writers that I need to read..

Eight years before, Julie Olson Lennart (Kate and Curran’s adopted girl), left Atlanta for California and stay with her super amazing auntie, who might help show her how to find out about herself. The puzzling death of a pastor, takes Julie back to Atlanta, however she is currently exceptionally incredible, mystical, with another face and new name, Aurelia Ryder. Aurelia shows up not uncovering her identity (she is presently the Princess of Shinar), however with the information that she needs to stop an old super powerful god, Moloch, who is resolved to decimate the world and Kate Daniels; and on the off chance that she uncovers her personality or goes to see her mom, Kate and those she loves will die. Aurelia is all alone to discover the killer of the pastor, and mysterious animals that are murdering those touching an extraordinary relic; when she does this the prophecy can be halted. However, would she be able to defeat Moloch?

When Aurelia shows up, she is met by a wolf pack, preventing her from entering Atlanta, driven by the Beta of Bouda pack, Ascanio; she figures out how to move beyond them, and not be identified. She took the case of the dead pastor as a Knight. Aurelia meets evil nearly at each progression, and regardless of all the fire and warmth, she figures out how to crush the animals sent to destroy her. In a brief timeframe, Luther and afterward Feldman find who she truly is, and due to the potential of Kate’s death, they honor staying quiet about her character. Yet, Aurelia is then sucker punched by an enormous werewolf, who likewise needs to know who executed the pastor, and needs to work with her. Regardless of her refusal, he and his pack follow everything she might do.

What follows is an interesting, awesome, mind-blowing action filled spine chiller beginning to end. Aurelia Ryder is currently a bad ass courageous woman, who figures out how to win her fights despite dangerous circumstances that made them hold our breaths. I adored when she thought often about a young street girl, whom she encouraged, and her anxiety for the boy who was severely beaten. The majority of all, I cherished seeing such countless characters from the Kate Daniels world, particularly Conlan, who is close to his sister, and was enjoyable to see him. Obviously, both actually visit their granddad, and keep on learning a greater amount of the universe of Shinar.

Blood Heir was a stunning experience that acquaints us with the Princess of Shinar, who has completely changed over the 8 years she has been gone. Having an incredible mother like Kate, permitted her to push ahead and find her actual self, being prepared by her grandma, who after all, was the Plague Maker, in addition to other things. I adored the new Julie. I anticipate reading the following book in this series, as Blood Heir was thoroughly amazing.

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