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Don't Look : By - Alexandra Ivy is a perfectly awesome new thriller novel

Don’t Look : By – Alexandra Ivy is a perfectly awesome new thriller novel

Don’t Look is a perfectly awesome new thriller novel by Alexandra Ivy. Kir might be an small town kid however he’s been gone quite a while. Presently he maintains his business taking on tasks that many people do not have the opportunity to do themselves. He generally admired his father. However, when he was harmed working as the previous sheriff. He started to drink vigorously and turn into a nuisance. Kir hasn’t been returned to town for some time and now he’s back for his dad’s funeral. Yet, did Kir’s dad have it right; Is there a serial killer focusing on the occupants of Pike? Has the killer truly been taunting the previous sheriff?

After a woman’s body is found in a field, survivors of a serial killer rapidly start to pile up in Pike, Wisconsin. Kir Jansen, child of the previous sheriff, thought his dad’s ravings about a serial killer were daydreams of an elderly person. However as an ever-increasing number of individuals turn up dead, obviously not the situation. Also, when Kir finds Dr. Lynne Gale is the last name on the list, he’s resolved to keep her protected from a psycho.

Lynne Gale took over being the town veterinary from her father. She lives for her work. She always had a sweet spot for Kir, but she realized she was never leaving Pike and he can’t wait to leave. Yet, at the funeral, she and Kir connect. Unknowing the fact that they are about to be dragged into the hunt for a serial killer!

Don’t look is without doubt an awesome thriller reading with romantic components. It is still a romantic thriller slightly lighter on the romantic front than I am accustomed to reading. That, I think is done well. Who possesses energy for extensive passion sessions when there is a killer on the loose?

The letters from the killer are absolutely frightening and chilling. I can now and again think about who the killer is or possibly restricted the presume pool down. This time, I needed to sit tight for that last little “hint” to be uncovered. Murders in a small town make convincing reading because you realize that the killer is hiding in plain sight. Pike is a very character itself in the book. Most small town books are brimming with glad, grinning occupants. Pike’s occupants appear to be tragic, reserved as though Pike is disrupting in itself.

Don’t Look is a great suspense reading and I am looking forward to read upcoming books in this series.

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