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Biography of Jay Shetty

Biography of Jay Shetty | Life and Career

Biography of Jay Shetty

Biography of Jay Shetty: Jay Shetty is one of the most popular life coaches at this moment. With his podcast On Purpose, he is growing his popularity every day. Some of his guests include Kobe Bryant, Alicia Keys, and Khloe Kardashian. He is a former Hindu monk, a life coach, and an author. He has also appeared on popular TV shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, CBS Morning, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to talk about life purpose and mental health issues. Let’s read more about the life and career of Jay Shetty.

Jay Shetty – Personal Life

Jay Shetty is a British Indian. He grew up with his parents and younger sister in North London. His father is Tuluva and his mother is a Gujarati. He attended Queen Elizabeth’s School in Barnet. Shetty then went on to graduate from the Cass Business School at the University of London. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife Radhi Devlukia Shetty. In the year 2021, together they launched an adaptogenic brand inspired by Ayurveda, Sama Tea.

Biography of Jay Shetty | Life and Career
Biography of Jay Shetty | Life and Career

Jay Shetty – Career

In business school, he met monk Gauranga Das who was invited to speak at the school on living a minimalist lifestyle and selflessness. He spoke with Gauranga after his speech and followed him for the rest of his lecture circuit around the United Kingdom. Shetty spent four hours in summers interning and training at corporations with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness called Hare Krishnas or Hare Krishna Movement, in India. He also lived three years Vedic monk lifestyle at an ashram in Mumbai, India.

Shetty began his career working on digital media strategy and as a social media coach at Accenture. His work was noticed by Arianna Huffington who then hired him to work and produce videos for Huffington Post in New York City. During this time, Shetty created the most-viewed Facebook video of the year 2018. His video topics include mental health, wellness, purpose, and relationships. He has interviewed Deepak Chopra, Russell Simmons, Tim Ferriss, and Kobe Bryant.

In 2017, Shetty was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe. He was recognized in the 2016 Asian Media Awards Best Blog and National Geographic Chasing Genius Council 2017. Shetty has been featured on the BBC. He was the recipient of awards at the 2018 Streamy Awards and the 2016 ITV Asian Media Awards. In April 2019, at The Asian Awards, he was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Online Award. And, in May 2019, at the 11th Shorty Awards, he won the Best in Health & Wellness Award. In 2019 he was the cover story of AdWeek magazine’s Young influential issue.

Biography of Jay Shetty | Life and Career
Biography of Jay Shetty | Life and Career

Professional Works

Jay Shetty presently hosts a podcast known as On Purpose. Within his first year of starting the podcast, he reached 64 million downloads. According to Fobes, the podcast became the number one health podcast in the world. He is the co-founder of Icon Media, a video production company, along with Alex Kushneir. In 2020, through Simon & Schuster he released the book Think Like a Monk. Shetty also hosts a virtual coaching program on topics such as resilience, spirituality, overcoming fear, mind-building, and entrepreneurship. In 2022, he joined a meditation production company named Calm as its first Chief Purpose Officer.

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

In Think Like a Monk, Jay Shetty talks about some of the most asked questions of the self. They are introspective and it requires a sense of self-awareness. Some of these questions are: How to overcome negativity? Why does comparison ruins love? How to utilize your fear? Why are you not your thoughts? How to find purpose in life? Why you will fail to find happiness if you try to look for it?

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