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Best Career options for Arts and Humanity students after 12th

Best Career options for Arts and Humanity students after 12th

Arts and Humanities are often looked down upon in our society. There is a stigma around opting for Arts and Humanities. Because of this many students end up taking courses and career paths that they don’t wish to. This is the reason we are seeing many people being disinterested & frustrated with their jobs or changing their career paths mid way. Many students also change their career path after completing Grads or at times even after their Masters. What’s the point of wasting so much time, money and effort in a career you won’t pursue. But the fact is we can’t continue in a field we don’t connect with or dislike. But when students realize their mistake it’s too late and the only thing students are left with is regret. So, choose your career path wisely. Here are some best career options for arts and humanity students after 12th.

Integrated Law Course (B.A + L.L.B)

First in our list is Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA-LLB). BA LLB is a bachelor’s level Administrative Law degree program, it is an integrated law course. If someone is planning to pursue law as a career, this course could be the best choice to opt for after 12th. The biggest advantage or disadvantage of this course is its duration. It is a 5 Year long  integrated program. But don’t get scared by looking at the duration of the course as it offers dual degrees in one curriculum.

Job Opportunities after BA LLB

  • Company Secretary
  • Legal Advisor
  • Litigation Lawyer


Second in our list is Sociology. The subject is often discarded by many as boring and useless. But if you are a deep thinker, have some empathy, like reading about societies and cultures and if you are a good observer then Sociology suits you. Sociology is one of the most highly regarded subjects out there. It can provide an individual respect & money in the society and most importantly satisfaction in life.

Job opportunities for Students pursuing career in Sociology 

  • Social Worker
  • Rehabilitation Counsellor
  • Family Counsellors
  • Survey Research
  • Political analyst
Best Career options for Arts and Humanity students after 12th
Best Career options for Arts and Humanity students after 12th

Bachelors in Fashion Designing

If you are a creative person and have a taste for fashion and styling this is the perfect career option for you after 12th. Generally Bachelor in Fashion Designing is a 3 to 4 years long graduation course. Which is primarily designed for students aspiring to join the fashion industry. 

Job Opportunities after Bachelors in Fashion Designing

  • Fashion Designer
  • Design Manager
  • Fashion Stylist

Political Science

Another great option for arts and humanities students after 12th is Political Science. Any individual who has interest in politics, administration & its functioning and political structure & work is a perfect candidate for this Bachelor’s degree. This course gives an individual a broader perspective and knowledge about the country’s constitution, political framework and administration.

Job opportunities for Students pursuing career in Political Science

  • Political consultant
  • Lobbyist
  • Professors
  • Government official

Bachelors of Arts

BA is the first UG program . Which comes to mind when we think about arts and humanities. This graduation program . is often struck off because of its efficiency and use in generating jobs. But this conventional course has great benefits in the long run, if done with dedication.

Job opportunities for Students pursuing BA

  • Content writer
  • Executive Assistant
  • Banking
  • Government sector (Administrative jobs)
Best Career options for Arts and Humanity students after 12th
Best Career options for Arts and Humanity students after 12th


Economics is a very good option for students who have interest in finance and economy. This UG program opens up many doors for students in future and they can decide which specialization they wish to do after their Grads. So, don’t hold back if you want to pursue a career in Economics.

Job opportunities for Students pursuing career in Economics

  • Economist
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Accountant
  • Financial consultant
  • Investment analyst

Bachelors of Hotel Management

Another very lucrative opportunity and career path for students after 12th is Bachelors of Hotel Management. It is a 3 to 4 year long course that teaches an individual about hospitality. Bachelors of Hotel Management covers areas like tourism, event management and food industry. In the UG program students are trained in communication skills, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills and customer service & satisfaction skills.

Job opportunities after Bachelors of Hotel Management

  • Hotel Manager
  • Accommodation Manager
  • Meeting & Event Planner
  • Food and Service Manager
  • Catering officer
  • Sales Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager


If Shakespeare excites you, English Literature plays & poems make you forget everything and you have a good command over the language then there is no looking back for this UG program. Some may say it’s over crowded but crowd doesn’t matter when you have will and skill. Don’t focus on the noise and go for it if you feel.

Job opportunities for Students pursuing career in English

  • Professor
  • Content Writer
  • Novelist
  • Teacher
  • Script Writer
Best Career options for Arts and Humanity students after 12th
Best Career options for Arts and Humanity students after 12th

Event Management

Event Management is a great choice for individuals who like taking challenges and are problem solvers. The field has a lot of potential for creative, resourceful, hardworking, creative individuals. It involves management, planning for catering a successful event. The profession needs an individual with good management and planning skills with ability to do networking. So, if you have these qualities then go for it.

Job opportunities after Event Management

  • Event Planner
  • Event Manager
  • Wedding Planner
  • Stage decorator
  • Exhibition Organizer

Bachelors in Mass Communication (BMC/BJMC/BMM)

The last on our list is Bachelors degree in Mass Communication. The course primarily focuses on communication skills and personality development. It makes an individual market ready for the mass media industry. It has few variations like BJMC which mainly focuses on hardcore journalism skills and is suited for students who wish to join media houses or print media. Whereas BMC or BMM provide a more holistic option and explore different fields like filmmaking, public relations, social media management, advertising, etc. The course is a great choice for students who wish to make their careers in the mass media industry or for students in general who wish to explore well before making any final call.

Job opportunities for Bachelors in Mass Communication

  • Radio Jockeying
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Communications
  • Business Consultant
  • Filmmaking

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