Like online reading of manga, comics, or fan fiction keeps us waiting impatiently for the next chapter in book series to release. It feels exactly like that but a lot more time-consuming when it is about a sequel to a book. In this article, we will look at the best book sequences releasing in 2022.

Rhythm of War Part II – Brandon Sanderson

best book sequences releasing in 2022 - Rhythm of War Part II
best book sequences releasing in 2022 – Rhythm of War Part II

For a year Dalinar Kholin and his knights radiant fought a wicked war with no advantage for both the parties. Neither of them got anything. Navani Kholin’s scholars commence altering the countenance of the war. And enemies are also plotting a brutal and bold operation. This small wrestling will challenge the very ideals of the Radiant and disclose some secrets. What will happen next?

Bloodmarked – Tracy Deonn

Book Series Parts In 2022 – Bloodmarked

Bree wanted to be aware of the reason behind her mother’s demise. To do that she broke into a secret society tumble down from King Arthur’s knights named Legendborn – she became aware of her power in the process and now she is a scion, a medium, and a blodcrafter. The old war between the Order and the demon is rising and Nick, the boy Bree is in love with gets abducted. Bree wants to fight against the demons but the Regents who control the Order will not allow her. They don’t know her, they only know that she is a girl with power that they have not heard before but they need to keep her safe for the Legendborn cycle. Bree and her friends must rescue Nick but Bree is not aware of the impact of her powers and she needs to get hold of it.

Where the Drowned Girls Go – Seanan McGuire

best book sequences releasing in 2022 - Where the Drowned Girls Go
best book sequences releasing in 2022 – Where the Drowned Girls Go

Another entry in McGuire’s Wayward Children series – this book follows the exploration of a group of kids who find mysterious doors that are capable of taking them to other fantasy worlds, where whatever they dream of becomes true. But eventually, they have to come back from the fantasy world to real life, a life where they and that no one is interested in their dreams or stories, other than labeling them as misfits. At last, they are laced in a sanctuary run by Eleanor West in the Home for Wayward Children where they find understanding about their tribulations.

House of Sky and Breath – Sarah J. Mass

House of Sky and Breath
Book Series Parts In 2022 – House of Sky and Breath

After saving the Crescent City, Hunt Athalar and Bryce Quinlan are longing to get back to the ordinary. They want to relax, take time and think of what the future holds for them. Asteri as promised left Bryce and Hunt alone, but with the growing danger from the rebels against Asterio’s power the threat is seen to be rising. Amidst these Bryce, Hunt, and friends became a part of the plan plotted by the rebels. There are only two options – either remain quiet and get oppressed or fight for the right. And they do not know how to remain silent.

Hook, Line, and Sinker – Tessa Bailey

Hook, Line, and Sinker
best book sequences releasing in 2022 – Hook, Line, and Sinker

Fox Thornton is a carefree flirt, a sexy man who is having a good time in bed and out of it too and that is the life he prefers that is until Hannah Bellinger steps into his life. Hannah is not head over heels for his looks but she seems to adore his personality. But Fox perhaps likes her a little too much. Hannah is assured that they are just friends but as time goes by and they get to know themselves more, it is getting hard for her to deny that she wants him. What will happen next between these two?

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