A Court Of Honey And Ash by Shannon Mayer and Kelly St Clare is a unique, new-adult story. It is a wonderful combination of action, wizardry and fantasy. An outstanding primary character, Kallic. Solid, decided, kick butt young lady (half human, half fae), who has been training for eight years. An exceptional cast of supporting characters, particularly her closest companion, Cinth, who’s clever, faithful, and a remarkable, magical cook. There’s murder, a stepmother you will hate, a dad that will not acknowledge Kallic. Above all this, Kallic is the one in particular that can save the world of the Unseelie fae, the Seelie fae, and humans. There’s romance, yet it doesn’t overpower the story of Kallic battling her way towards a life she wants.

A Court Of Honey And Ash By Shannon Mayer and Kelly St Clare Is A Unique, New-Adult Story
A Court Of Honey And Ash By Shannon Mayer and Kelly St Clare Is A Unique, New-Adult Story

The book begins at the point when Kallic finishes her 8 years of training. She is put through a three prong test to demonstrate what “tier” she will enter the fae world as. Think about this a lot like the shadowspell academy trials, however significantly more condensed.

Obviously, during the process of winning her spot in the fae community, underhill is totally annihilated. In a group of 20 fae it needed to happen to her, and presently she is on the run trying to sort out what happened to underhill before it is set squarely on her shoulders. This section of the book helps me to remember Larkspur and everything against her.

To finish it off, her childhood infatuation has returned to haunt her, in a real sense, regardless of where she runs he is right there tossing snark and demeaning her on the way. Ultimately, he came to know the truth about her, or at least Kallik thinks he does. Infact he is hiding something that he know and there are things as a reader you will sort out before Kallik does!

Her best friend in the world Hyacinth joins her in her journey to discover reality. She didn’t have to go to underhill to prepare, so she is an extremely abnormal ally to have on the streets, however that simply makes her far better! Her part toward the end pulled at my heartstrings.

Shannon Mayer and Kelly St Clare collaboration resulted in a very entertaining book. I like the primary character, the supporting characters, and the secrets around them. The writing of A Court Of Honey And Ash is solid, the pacing is awesome. The ending leaves me longing for the following book.

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