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7 Creative Career Options You Can Choose

7 Creative Career Options You Can Choose

7 Creative Career Options You Can Choose

Gone are those days when creative careers weren’t in the purview of ‘decent’ and ‘career-driven’ people. Now, creative careers are all in. With the saturation of science based fields, more and more people are channelling their inner creativity into a source of livelihood. If you’re someone who has a deep and abiding passion for any sort of creative art, it is possible to hone your talent and become successful in your field. Here are 7 creative career options you can choose.

Product Designer

This is a niche of designing in general. Designing itself offers a varied range of options from video game designing to graphic designing and from fashion designing to interior designing. The truth is that every commodity needs design, and people with a sense of aesthetics are best off doing this. This profession requires you to create useful, aesthetic products with the ideal materials. If you’re innovative and good at creating the ‘best out of waste’, this is a great idea for you.

Restoration Architect

Again, this is a niche in architecture wherein people specialize in the preservation and conservation of historical monuments. This is a great field that combines design and architecture with history. People who have a natural sense of special relationships, 2D tp 3D conversions and a love for history are suitable for this profession. Not only is a deep knowledge of the history of monuments important to know the materials used and their significance, but also a modern understanding of preservation materials is necessary.

7 Creative Career Options You Can Choose
7 creative career options You Can Choose

Literary Journalist

Literary journalism is one of the coolest professions ever, and is a punch in the guts for everyone who says that there’s no money in literature. People who work in literary magazines like New York Review of Books, LA Review of Books, London Review of Books, New Yorker etc are literary journalists. They write about the latest happenings in literature and books across the world, literary prizes and honours, book reviews and more. It’s a happening profession and anyone with an interest in books and writing is ideal.

Literary Historian

This is another literary profession, which is an intersection of excavation, archeologyand literature. Literary historians dig up archives of books written centuries ago and analyze their relevance. They also try to fill in missing gaps, and make sense of manuscripts written long ago in various places. This is quite the profession for someone who loves both literature and history and want to have a creative career. A related profession is art history, which is the same as literary history but with respect to paintings, sculptures and other works of art.


One of the most creative professions out there is filmmaking. Films merge literally all art forms – writing, acting, dancing, singing, music, poetry, videography, costume designing, set designing and more. And the director is the captain of the ship – the overseer of all these art forms. So if you’re a natural storyteller with a knack for art forms, then this is the perfect profession for you. The only drawback is that this is a deeply competitive profession, with a high risk factor.

7 Creative Career Options You Can Choose
7 creative career options You Can Choose

Radio Jockey

Radio jockeys basically fill in the gaps between songs on the radio, but they play a crucial role. With wit and tact, they host programs, anchoring the program while simultaneously catering to the audience’s needs. If you have an immense presence of mind along with a love for anchoring, songs and are a natural communicator, this profession is for you. Plus, a good radio jockey can really influence a lot of people, and make or break the show.

Music Director

The final profession for people who are trained in singing, playing an instrument or just have a ear for music is music direction. The head of music performance on a film or anywhere else, this job is both demanding and rewarding. However, it is quite competitive and a lot of talent, hard work and training is required to excel in it.

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