Hobbies are not just a way to pass your time. Research has shown that slightly creative hobbies such as photography, cooking, and knitting enhance your performance at work. But are you familiar with the fact that some after-hours activities can make you smarter? Choose the right activity that can boost your brainpower. In this article, we are going to read about 6 creative hobbies to make you smarter and more intelligent.

Learning Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is not only beneficial for travelling. According to the infographic, it can also slow down brain ageing and have a positive influence on later-life cognition. Bilingual individuals are better at planning, task management, and puzzle-solving. It is due to their brain switching between languages. According to the popular site Quora, learning a second language should be a part of everyday activity because it can make you more intelligent.


I am sure this is not a surprise for you. Keeping yourself healthy and fit has been shown to provide all the benefits that you can imagine, from increasing creativity to making people efficient leaders. According to recent research, exercise can increase your mental state by a whopping 50 per cent. Exercise improves object recognition memory – the capability to tell apart previously encountered objects and releases BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF is a protein associated with cognitive benefits such as long-term memory.

6 Creative Hobbies to Make You Smarter and More Intelligent
6 Creative Hobbies to Make You Smarter and More Intelligent


There are several benefits that you can receive from writing, which include enhancing your overall level of intelligence. Writing increases your linguistic abilities, of course. But it also helps you to grow certain skills such as imagination, focus, creativity, and comprehension. Writers are frequently considered as individuals having higher levels of intelligence. You can write in your diary or you can also open your blog. Learning to express your images through words is a great way to boost your intelligence.

Daily Meditation

The foremost profit of meditation is to help you concentrate on yourself and to get familiar with your true self. Being absorbed and occupied in meditation helps individuals exceed a higher state of being. Meditation helps to lessen stress levels and get rid of all kinds of worries. A serene and composed set of mind that you receive through mediation, will help you learn, plan and think about things in a much more competent way. Daily mediation will help you have proper control over yourself. Being aware of disruptions and effective methods of self-control is of the utmost significance while working to increase your intelligence.

6 Creative Hobbies to Make You Smarter and More Intelligent
6 Creative Hobbies to Make You Smarter and More Intelligent


This is another obvious choice of hobby. And, perhaps that is the reason why some of us underestimate the powerful benefits of spending a few minutes or hours with a book. Surprisingly, about 42 per cent of college graduates have never finished a book since getting their degree. Daily reading causes beneficial increases in connectivity in the left temporal cortex of the brain. This area is linked with receptivity to language.

Test Your Cumulative Learning

A lot of intelligent students tend to cram for the finals with the motive of mastering the topic the day before the big test. The issue with cramming is that the brain tends to forget these things swiftly. The principle is however quite simple, the knowledge you acquire in haste will soon be forgotten, while knowledge that is repetitive over time stays much longer in the memory. One of the classic examples is learning a new language, while doing it, you have to repeat the grammatical and vocabulary lessons every day to commit them to your memory.

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