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5 Ways to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

5 Ways to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

5 Ways to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

There’s a popular English adage by Roy T. Bennett that says: “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” It means you need to step out of your familiar places and secure zone to develop, to change. To grow as a human you need to gain more perspectives and experiences, one cannot reach any of those in their comfort zone. In this article, we are going to read about 5 ways to come out of your comfort zone.

Mindset – Believe You Got This

The perspective you have of yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. I know you think you can’t change or it will take a lot of time. But is it not something you have always thought about things you fear about? Remember mathematics sums or long civics answers that you hated? However, the moment you understood the sum you couldn’t wait for your tutor to give you that sum? You fear things that you don’t about, and it is normal. The question is would you like to be smart today or be dumb for the rest of your life?

5 Ways to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone
5 Ways to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stop Overthinking

Is overthinking your best friend? Only positive affirmations can kill this habit of overthinking. We only fear things because we know we will fail, and instead of working on them, we overthink the negatives. You need to reframe your fear and stop thinking about it. You are a human and it is all right to fail. However, what is not right is to not work to win.

Take Action and Get Out of Comfort Zone

“Begin with the end in mind” – No one knows what will happen tomorrow and is it affecting your today? You are watching your Netflix series, eating your food, and avoiding your studies. How about trying to do the opposite things for a month, or a week? Go back to childhood when your parents repeatedly asked you to do things at a specific time. That is how you grow when you know that you have a routine or a table to follow. Does it get exhausting? Yes, absolutely! Will you have moments when you would want to quit? Yes, again! However, why not start and see for yourself? How much you are capable of concentrating and going on?


You need to be more observant of your actions. Reflect on your motivations and look at the clear picture of your intention of stepping out of your comfort zone. One of the best ways is to write them down. Write it all, why you should step out of the zone? Why do you find it necessary now? How was your daily life? What will be the advantages after a few years if you start now? This will give you a clear view of the changes that you need to make and how are they going to help you. Remember, your new goals require a new you, so act accordingly.

5 Ways to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone
5 Ways to Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

Surround Yourself with Positivity

One of the most important things to be in the growing zone is to be around positive people. These people will always encourage you and motivate you to try and do new things in life. They will celebrate your success. You would know that if you reach out to them sulking they will talk about the brighter side of tomorrow. There is nothing more exhausting than being with someone’s persistent pessimism.

Why are you not changing? You refuse to get uncomfortable. You need to be open to every kind of unfamiliarity if you want to learn, grow, and develop as a human. The only way is to change your viewpoint and take notes on things you are scared of and start doing them. Do you think you are not studying or working because you are procrastinating? No, it is because you have trained your mind in a way that it believes that it can’t go on for a long period. Does that mean we don’t procrastinate? No, but ask yourself for how many days can you procrastinate and complain about your future? Start today and right now!

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