DC Comics is known for its complicated, morally grey characters and their journeys. The different comics focus on each character and bring to light their motivations and reasons behind their actions. Out of those, these are the top 10 female superheroes in DC Comics.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Diana Prince was the princess of Themiscyra, born to the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta and the Greek God, Zeus. Though the reality of her parentage is hidden in order to protect Diana and her mother from the wrath of Zeus’s wife, Hera. The legend around her birth told that Diana was the most perfect Amazonian warrior as she was born solely out of her mother’s desire to have a child, and was born of only a woman.

Diana’s parentage gave her unfathomable powers and made her an exceptional warrior. Diana saved president Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt’s life and revealed a great evil that was on the horizon during the year 1939. This is how Diana’s journey as the Wonder Woman began. Wonder Woman was also an integral part of the Justice Society before it was forced to disband.  

Many years later, Diana would take on the mantle of Wonder Woman once again, and teamed up with heroes like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash and Cyborg to form the legendary ‘Justice League’.


Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics - Supergirl
Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics – Supergirl

Kara Zor-El was born in Argo City on a planet called Krypton to Zor-El and Alura In-Ze. Growing up, Kara showed curiosity in subjects like history and studied under the guidance of the historian Catar-Ol.

When the planet Krypton was destroyed, Argo City, was the only principal city on the planet to survive. Kara and her father both survived. However, her mother lost her life due to the radiation from the rest of the planet seeping into their city. After her mother’s death, Kara’s father took upon the endeavour to reinforce Argo City with a lead shield to protect it from further radiation. Over the years, however, the shield began to fall apart, which is when Kara’s father built a pod that could carry a single person – Kara.

After making her escape, Kara eventually arrived on Earth, just when her cousin, Kal-El, began his journey as Superman. Once she arrived on Earth, Kara soon took on the alias of Supergirl and began fighting bad guys to protect the Earth on a relatively smaller scale than her cousin.



Barbara Gordon took on the role of Batgirl very early on in her life. Gordon was trained in many forms of combat and martial arts, while also possessing exceptional reflexes. As the vigilante Batgirl, she became a crucial part of the Batfamily and crossed paths with Bruce Wayne (Batman) countless times.

Later, during a fight with the Joker, Gordon suffered from a fatal gunshot wound, which forced her to retire from her role as Batgirl. Though this did not stop Gordon from fighting crimes and injustice in other ways. Barbara Gordon adopted a new alter-ego called the ‘Oracle’, where she put her intellect and hacking skills to use in an effort to help other superheroes in their fights.


Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics - Mera
Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics – Mera

Mera was the daughter of the King of the Atlantean Kingdom Xebel, Ryus, which made her the crown princess of Xebel. As the princess, she was trained in everything from combat, and swordsmanship to the history of her Kingdom. Mera grew up believing Atlantis to be an enemy and the King ruling it to be a merciless tyrant.

When Mera was old enough, her father sent her on an assassination mission to kill the King of Atlantis. However, when Mera finally met Arthur Curry (Aquaman), she realised everything she had thought she knew was false. Mera was surprised to find that Arthur Curry was a kind and compassionate ruler, instead of a tyrant. Soon, she gave up on her plan of assassination and eventually fell in love with Curry.



Kendra Saunders was the leader of an anti-apocalyptic team known as the Blackhawks. A reincarnation of the cursed angel Shhra, Saunders possessed enhanced powers along with metal wings and regeneration which led to her taking on the alias of Hawkgirl.

Hawkgirl has been a part of various team-ups over the many years. Kendra Saunders was once a part of the Justice League and even allied herself with Wonder Woman and Doctor Fate to find a way to defeat the supervillain, Barbatos.


Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics - Starfire
Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics – Starfire

Courtney Whitmore became a superhero purely by coincidence. Upon finding out her stepfather was Stripsy, an adult sidekick to a teenage superhero, she donned all of his equipment to mock him. Unfortunately, they were attacked by the minions of the villain Dragon King and thus began, Courtney’s adventures.

When the hero Jack Knight retired as Starman, he chose Courtney to be his successor. Knight had witnessed Courtney’s skills during the attack by Klarion Bleak and thought her to be the best fit as the bearer of the cosmic staff. Courtney soon took on the mantle of Stargirl and became a very important part of the Justice Society.

Big Barda

Big Barda
Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics – Big Barda

Big Barda is a New God of Apokolips, who was genetically manufactured in the Gestation Lab. Big Barda’s powers follow the same pattern as Barda. She possessed superhuman strength, reflexes, as well as speed. Big Barda was also immortal.


Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics - Catwoman
Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics – Catwoman

Before she became Catwoman, Selina Kyle was a petty thief haunting the streets of Gotham. One day, after witnessing the vigilante Batman fight off a horde of bad men, Selina was surprised and considered changing her ways.

Soon, she took on the alias of Catwoman and became in some ways, close allies with Batman. Though a life without crime did not seem to suit her, and she would constantly switch between the good guys and bad guys. As Catwoman, Selina possessed feline reflexes and skills, she was also well-trained in multiple martial arts.

Black Canary

Black Canary
Black Canary

Dinah Laurel Lance received the title of Black Canary from her mother, Dinah Drake. Lance would go on to become close allies with the Green Arrow and even pursue a romantic relationship with him.

Lance soon founded the Justice League of America as the Black Canary and was a part of it for many, many years to come. The Black Canary’s powers include something called a ‘Canary Cry’, which gives her the ability to produce a powerful sonic attack, besides she also possesses enhanced strength and reflexes.


Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics - Zatanna
Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comics – Zatanna

Zatanna is a part of the mystical race, Homo Magi, and possesses intrinsic magical abilities. Zatanna pursues a career as an illusionist before finding out about her powers.

After her father’s disappearance, Zatanna puts all the resources available to her into finding out what happened to him. During her investigation, she comes in contact with many of the other superheroes, like The Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl. Zatanna even provided aid to the Justice League of America multiple times.

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