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5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe

5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe

Iron Man, Tony Stark’s superhero alias, is one of the most cherished and celebrated characters in the Marvel Universe. Stark’s charisma and witty persona are what make him a fan favourite. Even inside the suit, the Iron Man is a reliable and powerful hero, who would crack a joke at your expense while rescuing you from the bad guys. Though, considering the vast number of universes that make up the extensive Marvel Universe, there are bound to be different versions of the beloved hero who must be in stark contrast with the Iron Man of Earth-616. Here are the top 5 best variants of Iron Man from different Universe.

Ultimate Iron Man

5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe - Ultimate Iron Man
5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe – Ultimate Iron Man

Antonio Stark from the Earth-1610 timeline, follows much of the same story as Tony Stark from Earth-616, with some drastic and some minor changes. In this alternate universe, Tony Stark has a twin brother named Gregory. Unlike Tony Stark from Earth-616, this Tony Stark started his own endeavour, JT Technologies, instead of taking over the Stark Industries as his father had wished. JT Technologies gained massive success over the years. However, after Tony’s girlfriend and father, Howard Stark, were killed by an organisation known as the Mandarin International, Tony had to take up the responsibilities of the Stark Industries. Tragedy seemed to follow Tony everywhere he went as he soon found out he was suffering from a brain tumour. In an attempt to find a cure, Stark began experimenting with bio-chemicals and armour.

Similar to Earth-616’s Tony Stark, this universe’s Stark was also kidnapped by terrorists and forced into making weapons for them. This is when he successfully created the prototype for an Iron Man suit, which he later modified to improve. Upon his escape, Tony had fully embraced the superhero identity and even joined the team of ‘Ultimates’ along with other heroes like Thor, Hulk and the Black Widow.

One of the major differences between Earth-616 Tony Stark and Earth-1610 Tony Stark comes from the latter’s experiments with the Power Gem. Tony Stark’s Iron Man gained many more powers as a result of being neurally linked to an Infinity Gem. The Ultimate Iron Man is one of the most powerful versions of the hero.

Iron Man (Earth-42777)

Iron Man (Earth-42777)
5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe – Iron Man (Earth-42777)

The Tony Stark of Earth-42777 was unlike any other Tony Stark from the multiverse. On Earth-42777, Tony Stark, deriving power out of his Iron Man suit, manipulated everyone into letting him take over the planet Earth as the ruler for eternity. He took on the title of Emperor of the Planet. Anyone who ever dared to oppose Iron Man was killed, regardless of their status as a superhero or supervillain.

The only faction of people over whom Iron Man did not rule over on Earth were the Inhumans, led by the Black Bolt and Sue Storm. In the end, Sue Storm was the only one who killed this tyrannical version of Iron Man.

Victor Von Doom (Infamous Iron Man)

5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe - Victor Von Doom (Infamous Iron Man)
5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe – Victor Von Doom (Infamous Iron Man)

Dr. Victor Von Doom, better known as Dr. Doom rules as the Supreme Leader of the Kingdom of Latveria. Much like Iron Man, Dr. Doom also dons an iron mask and armour to hide his scarred face from an accident and harbours a massive ego, though, that is where the resemblance between the two stops.

Dr. Doom lost both his parents at a very young age, and he blamed the magician Mephisto for the death of his mother. Over the years, he became determined to get revenge for his mother’s death.

Later, at university, Victor Von Doom met Reed Richards, with whom he would go on to maintain a life-long rivalry. In his quest to gain revenge on Mephisto, Doom began working on a machine that would allow him to astral project in college, though things went wrong and Victor was hurt in the aftermath. When the Fantastic Four was created, Dr. Doom became one of their most consistent enemies, especially due to his history with Reed Richards. Besides his animosity with the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom was also at odds with Tony Stark, when the latter interfered with the former’s scheme to get Morgan le Fay’s aide in his evil plans.

With time, Victor realised how damaging his actions were and began to repent. As he set out to redeem himself, he became a close ally to Tony Stark, who supported Doom’s endeavour of turning over a new lead. When Stark was suspended in a comatose state after the event of Civil War II, Victor Von Doom took on the mantle of Iron Man for some time.

Sorcerer Supreme Iron Man

Sorcerer Supreme Iron Man
5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe – Sorcerer Supreme Iron Man

On Earth-9810, when Stephen Strange gets into an accident that causes him to suffer nerve damage in his hands, he is not alone. In fact, he is accompanied by Tony Stark who was driving him home from a party. Carrying the guilt, Tony assures Strange that he would find a solution to fix his hands, which is how they go to Tibet in search of a cure from the Ancient One. Once there, the Ancient One refused to help though Tony still stayed there and trained in the Mystic Arts. Stark, later, also defeated Baron Mordo and was proclaimed the Supreme Sorcerer for his efforts.

When Tony becomes aware of an ancient deity’s plan to take over the planet Earth, he begins developing a new suit of armour to defeat him. The new Iron Man suit of armour is unlike any other as Tony fuses it with his own knowledge of magic along with the immaculate technology. Donning this brand new suit of armour, Tony enters the realm of Dormamu and defeats him with immense help from his technological and magical knowledge.

Iron Man (Infinity Warps)

5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe - Iron Man (Infinity Warps)
5 Best Variants of Iron Man From Different Universe – Iron Man (Infinity Warps)

The Warp World was created when Gamora trapped everyone in the world inside the Soul Stone with the help of the other Infinity Souls. Gamora went further and folded the world created into half, which is how it got the name ‘Warp World’.

The effects of this Warp World created some interesting phenomena, one of which was merging every soul with another. Inside the Warp World, the genius Tony Stark’s soul had merged with the God of Thunder, Thor. This version was known as Stark Odinson.

Much like Thor’s origin story, Stark Odinson was also banished from Asgard as his father, Howard Odin, found that his arrogance and recklessness made him unfit for the role of the future ruler of Asgard. Once he arrived on Earth without his memories, however, Stark still possessed knowledge about advanced technologies. Stark Odinson put this knowledge to use a started his very own tech company known as Sigurd Stark, which became vastly successful. When he was taken by the Dark Elves, Stark managed to escape them with a suit of armour.

This version of Iron Man is by far the strongest as he possesses both the intellect of Tony Stark along with the godly powers of Thor. In this universe, Iron Man not only is equipped with a powerful suit of armour but also brandishes his magical hammer, Mjolnir. On account of all of this, Stark Odinson is known as the superhero, Iron Hammer.

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