We all have fictional characters that we bias no matter what. Either it is because we relate to them, we want to be like them or we want to have the qualities in ourselves or our future partner. Every book lover certainly has their favourite but it implies on everyone who read books or watches movies. So, here is a list of the 15 most loved male characters from books.

Mr. Darcy

Being written in the Victorian era, Jane Austen presented the most human-like a man with flaws, pride, ego, and heart through the character of Mr. Darcy. He is the charming, egoistic, stern man who is too embarrassed to talk about his feelings that most women want. There is scarcely anyone who is fond of romance and doesn’t want a Mr. Darcy in their lives.

Harry Potter

15 Most Loved Male Characters from Books - Harry Potter
15 Most Loved Male Characters from Books – Harry Potter

There is barely anyone who is not obsessed with Harry or the entire Harry Potter series. Every character in that series is charming with their powers and features but the main character has certainly reached the hearts of people – some love him, some sympathize with him but none hates him. Harry Potter since the beginning had no clue about his power and his bloodline and that makes him more of a human than a wizard of Hogwarts. And, the fact that the audience and readers practically get to see the growth of Harry is what makes him the most loved character.


The most notable character of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights is Mr. Heathcliff. This character has captured and conquered many hearts with his miserable past, his anger towards bad treatment, his need for revenge, and his love for Catherine Earnshaw.

Augustus Waters

Augustus is presented as a tall, intelligent, and charming man who does not and to leave the world without leaving a mark, as he is suffering from cancer. His attractive face becomes more friendly and close to the readers because of his nature and perspective towards the world.

Sirius Black

Sirius Black
15 Most Loved Male Characters from Books – Sirius Black

The first thing that people feel for him is empathy. His character in the series is that of a rebel who is not bothered by the prejudices of society. He is loyal and kind. Because of his experience, he holds a grudge towards the Slytherin which is the justified nature of an authentic human, which makes him more relatable to the readers.

Cedric Diggory

Yes, I understand if Cedric is your favorite character from the Harry Potter series. He is one of the main characters in the fourth part of the series, which is the Goblet of Fire. Some love him because of his kindness that, and some love him because this Hufflepuff did not receive that end.

Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby’s character a portrayed in The Great Gatsby is perhaps the most relatable character for today’s generation. A prosperous being who throws massive parties to draw people in and yet feels like the most unsocial being; his character is mysterious and reserved which makes him one of the most loved characters from books.

Sherlock Holmes

15 Most Loved Male Characters from Books - Sherlock Holmes
15 Most Loved Male Characters from Books – Sherlock Holmes

Is there anyone who doesn’t love intellect? No, right; the best quality of Holmes was his intellect and his way of examining, deducting, and observing things, especially the way Holmes used to work.


The character of Odysseus works as an optimistic character for the readers because his character represents that through determination and hard work one can conquer the most challenging tasks of their life.

Noah Calhoun

The character of Noah Calhoun from The Notebook has to be on this list. He is a hardworking and spiritual poet whose bond with nature and solitude helped him throughout his life as he dwells around the emotion of his lost love, Allie Nelson.

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen
15 Most Loved Male Characters from Books – Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen, that first entry of the introverted handsome student in Twilight. He stole everyone’s heart with that non-conventional vampire attitude and his romantic nature towards Bella. The way he controlled his rage and sacrificed his love just for the sake of his lover made him one of the most desirable men in movies and the series.


Charlie from The Perks of Being Wallflower is one of the most loved male characters from books for several reasons – firstly he is the central character of this coming of age story, he has past traumas that he does not know how to overcome and he is playing the character of a wallflower, both of which is relatable to a lot of readers.

Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird is not an attractive man by his dress sense and looks, he is attractive by nature. He is the kind of father and companion some people desire to have. He is empathetic, down-to-earth, tries to create a habit of reading among his kids, thinks his children ought to learn the lessons of life at their own pace and he is a quintessential humanitarian.

Jacob Black

15 Most Loved Male Characters from Books - Jacob Black
15 Most Loved Male Characters from Books – Jacob Black

Some people loved the character of Jacob Black from Twilight more than Edward Cullen because more than a lover he played the role of a best friend of Bella, a best friend that everyone needs. Although he tried his best to steal Bella from Edward he was there for Bella when Edward was not like a protector.

Finnick Odair

Finnick Odair of Hunger Games is portrayed as a handsome man with eyes that have the color of the sea, sort of self-absorbed and arrogant but he suffers from keeping a stable mental peace because of his past experiences; he is a complex character but loved by people as well.

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