Writing may seem like a perfectly natural, organic process. This is certainly true, but that doesn’t mean having certain qualities doesn’t predispose one to being a great and successful writer. So here are 10 useful tips for writers. These are the qualities every writer must possess. The best thing about these qualities is that they aren’t inherent, they are cultivable, which means anyone can hone them at any point of time in their lives.

10 Useful Tips For Writers | Qualities Every Writer Must Possess


The first and foremost quality successful authors must have is diligence and consistency with their writing. It is only when you stick with your works of art, hone them, and nurture them daily that they can give the very best output. This not only prevents the writer from disconnecting with a story but also is conducive to creative output such as ideas because the writer is in that mindset. It may feel “boring”, but consistency is key.


Writers are often thought of as introverts who like their space and don’t network. But nothing could be further from the truth. In order to do well commercially, which gives impetus to further creativity, sociability is of the utmost importance. Networking with publishers and editors can ease the production process. And networking with readers increases engagement as well as keeps you in touch with the true reception of the book.

10 Useful Tips For Writers | Qualities Every Writer Must Possess
10 Useful Tips For Writers | Qualities Every Writer Must Possess


No close-minded person can be a good writer. The very prerequisite to writing is understanding the world and humans in it, and perceiving details. But with a closed and biased mind, this becomes next to impossible. Thus, it is important to learn to look at the world with an open and accepting state of mind. Apart from this, openness to constructive criticism always helps better one’s craft. However, openness is not the same as gullibility.


Artists always frown upon the word discipline, as if it were a bad thing and eludes artists. However, discipline is one of the most important qualities a writer of any type needs to have. Discipline means sticking with your craft through the tough times. Even when you want to give up, or aren’t doing well, or aren’t proud of yourself – discipline makes it better. Whether it’s a writer’s block or something else, having discipline will get you out of a rut.


Self-doubt and low self-esteem are a part and parcel of life. But it’s important to know your worth to succeed in life, no matter what the profession may be. This is especially true, however, in the case of writers and artists. Your work of art is precious and necessary – the world needs you to create art. Knowing and believing this (which is true always) will get you places. You will demand your worth with respect to both price and recognition.

10 Useful Tips For Writers | Qualities Every Writer Must Possess
10 Useful Tips For Writers | Qualities Every Writer Must Possess


All writers fail sometimes. No one creates great books all the time. There are many drafts, many cut pages, lots of crying and lots of struggle involved. Even the publication process is difficult – publishers reject good books for a plethora of reasons. Thus, accepting the fact that there will be hardships, both intrinsic and extrinsic, makes one feel more prepared. Apart from this, optimism that all will be fine will get you through these hardships better.


One of the key tools at a writer’s hand is observation and attention to detail. Without this, any story falls flat. If you want to be successful as a writer, you need to be relatable and relevant. And this will only happen if you connect with your readers, for which observation is essential. Observing small human characteristics and natures as well as details about the world makes the story all the more rooted, and gives readers an opportunity to connect.


It is of utmost importance for a writer to look within and decipher the reasons for which they write. A book cannot be successful if you’re doing it just for the money or fame. Is there a story within you that needs to be told? Do you have an itch within that compels you to write? Will writing give you peace of mind and satisfaction? If the answer to these questions is no, then you need to ponder the motivations and reasons you have for writing.

10 Useful Tips For Writers | Qualities Every Writer Must Possess
10 Useful Tips For Writers | Qualities Every Writer Must Possess


All of art boils down to passion. Writing is an expression of your sentiments, which will reflect your passions. Thus, a writer must not be a cold person indifferent to life but someone who’s passionate about life. And of course, any writer worth his or her salt should be passionate about words. He or she should know, understand and believe in the power and potency of words. Reading extensively always helps cement this belief.


Stories don’t exist in a vacuum, their conveyance and transportation requires the medium of language. Thus, one practical quality every writer needs to have is fluency in language. However, this is not enough. Writers must also have fluency of thought in order to do well. Fluency of thought refers to the ability to think seamlessly, which always translates into actual storytelling. Thus, fluency is an important aspect of being a writer.

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