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10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes

10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes

10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes

10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes: Marvel Comics has a long history of creating complex and dynamic villains who challenge our favorite heroes in ways that often define their character arcs. However, what happens when these villains make a dramatic shift in allegiance and become heroes themselves? It’s a rare occurrence, but throughout Marvel’s history, there have been a handful of villains who have had a change of heart and embraced the heroic path. In this article, we will explore 10 times when Marvel villains turned into heroes, examining the circumstances that led to their redemption and the impact they had on the Marvel Universe.

The Punisher

The Punisher
The Punisher

Despite being considered an anti-hero for a significant period of time, it may be easy for some fans to overlook the fact that the Punisher’s origins lie in his portrayal as a villain in the Spider-Man comics. In his initial appearance, the Punisher sought vengeance against Spider-Man, whom he believed to have killed Norman Osbourne. However, over time, the Punisher’s character evolved and he emerged as a vigilante crusading against all forms of crime.

One of the defining traits of the Punisher is his willingness to use extreme measures such as killing, kidnapping, extortion, and torture to take down criminals, a code of conduct that even most heroes would find difficult to adopt. Moreover, the Punisher remains unapologetic about his actions and harbors no regrets. This is evidenced by his immunity to Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare, which is known to make even the most hardened criminals feel remorse for their wrongdoings.

Winter Soldier

10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes - Winter Soldier
10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes – Winter Soldier

Similar to his character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bucky Barnes initially fought on the side of justice as a loyal friend to Captain America/Steve Rogers. However, after a plane explosion that was believed to have killed him and Steve, Bucky survived and was captured by enemies who brainwashed him into becoming a ruthless assassin. For a considerable period, he carried out secret missions, causing deaths and opposing the Avengers.

Once he regains his memories, Bucky is consumed by remorse for his past actions and seeks redemption. When Steve is presumed dead, Bucky assumes the Captain America identity and takes up the fight in his place. Even after Steve’s return, they both retain the title and continue to fight together. Bucky’s journey is a remarkable example of a character who transitioned from a hero to a villain and eventually found his way back to being a hero again.

Black Widow

Black Widow
Black Widow

Black Widow typically aligns with the forces of good, she often walks a fine line between heroism and villainy. During her time as a villain, she targeted Iron Man alongside Hawkeye, nearly destroying him in the process. However, after sustaining injuries in the conflict, Hawkeye took her under his wing and nursed her back to health, sparking a romantic connection between the two. Later, when the Red Room brainwashed her, Hawkeye’s help proved pivotal in her eventual escape.

Following her transformation, Black Widow joined the Avengers and took on the role of an espionage agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. Despite her affiliation with the good guys, Black Widow is not afraid to get her hands dirty and is willing to use manipulation and any means necessary to accomplish her missions.

Scarlet Witch

10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes - Scarlet Witch
10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes – Scarlet Witch

Initially, Scarlet Witch was an unwilling antagonist and a founding member of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants, alongside her twin brother, Quicksilver. Despite not fully supporting Magneto’s ideology, they joined him as a token of gratitude for saving their lives. However, when Magneto was captured by Stranger, the siblings severed ties with the Brotherhood and allied themselves with the Avengers.

Although Scarlet Witch has predominantly been a champion of justice, she has occasionally been perceived as a threat by both heroes and villains. Her psychological instability has been a recurring issue that has often resulted in dire consequences for the world. To prevent her from recklessly wielding her powers, her brother and allies have consistently stood by her side, serving as her watchful guardians.



Deadpool, the beloved anti-hero of Marvel, didn’t always possess the quick wit and humor that fans adore today. In his earlier appearances, he was introduced as an adversary to Cable and the New Mutants, and later, he played the role of an antagonist against X-Force. Although he maintained his sarcastic demeanor, he was comparatively more restrained and somber than his current persona.

Fortunately, Deadpool underwent a positive transformation and evolved into one of the most sought-after anti-heroes of Marvel. Although he is not averse to getting his hands dirty, he now utilizes his exceptional abilities to safeguard the innocent, showcasing his violent yet magnificent approach to fighting.


10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes - Songbird
10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes – Songbird

Due to a difficult upbringing, Songbird, also known as Screaming Mimi, found herself aligned with the Grapplers, a female organization with ties to the illicit Roxxon Energy Corporation. She participated in their criminal activities, but eventually found herself recruited into the Masters of Evil, a villainous group led by Baron Helmut Zemo. After serving time in prison, Zemo reached out to her once again and convinced her to join the Thunderbolts, a group of villains masquerading as heroes.

Despite their initial villainous intentions, the Thunderbolts discovered a love for performing heroic deeds and eventually became legitimate heroes. Songbird underwent a transformation, leaving her Screaming Mimi persona and her days as a villain behind. She has remained a hero ever since, committed to doing the right thing and helping others.



Although Venom was originally introduced as an antagonist for Spider-Man, he has undergone significant character development over time. Through his symbiotic bond with Eddie Brock, the two have formed a strong partnership that has been demonstrated through their willingness to protect others. Despite being categorized as an anti-hero, Venom and Eddie have displayed a genuine concern for the well-being of the world. In fact, they have even joined forces with Spider-Man and other heroes on several occasions, gradually evolving towards a more heroic persona with each adventure.


10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes - Quicksilver
10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes – Quicksilver

Quicksilver, much like his sister, was among the earliest members to join the Brotherhood of Mutants, serving as an antagonist to various superheroes. However, upon joining the Avengers, he has firmly stood on the side of good. In contrast to his sibling, Quicksilver is considered the least probable to instigate any catastrophic world-changing events. If his sister were to pose a threat, he would align with others to counter her actions. While several reformed villains retain some degree of ethical uncertainty, Quicksilver is an exception, demonstrating a more resolute moral compass.



Despite her current popularity among the X-Men, Rogue’s origins trace back to her villainous beginnings. As a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, she engaged in a notorious battle against Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. In that encounter, Rogue succeeded in absorbing Danvers’ powers and psyche permanently. Subsequently, Rogue joined the X-Men, and through her sheer skill and determination, she has emerged as one of their top fighters.


10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes - Hawkeye
10 Times Marvel Villains Turned Into Heroes – Hawkeye

To some fans’ surprise, Hawkeye made his debut in the Marvel Universe as a villain. As previously stated, Hawkeye partnered with Black Widow to pilfer Iron Man’s technology. Their journey to redemption was interdependent since they were once partners in crime. However, Hawkeye’s path to becoming a hero began when Black Widow was abducted. He joined forces with the Avengers and successfully rescued her, ultimately transforming him into a hero. Since then, Hawkeye has remained a trusted and resilient warrior among the Avengers.

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